The world is filled up with a number of pleasurable things. With scenic views of nature and picturesque spots, one can experience the true blessings. There are numerous such destinations in the world that offer nature’s true bounties but Africa is on top of the list.

Yes, the continent of Africa is a magical land with amazing natural beauty. The diversified culture, extremely beautiful natural reserves, thrilling wild life and a lot more are there to welcome you warmly. Once visiting this land, your heart will be stolen away with the captivating locations and splendid gifts of nature.

Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and a lot more notable countries are located in this great continent. Every country has its own culture and customs that makes the continent quite interesting. Africa is undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in the world. But what are the most enchanting beauties in this continent, are listed below.

  1. Experience World Heritage Site in Zanzibar:
    Zanzibar is one of the best tourist attractions of the world. With its tremendously beautiful beaches and glorious past, the region emerges as a great attraction for everyone. The Stone Town in Zanzibar is selected as UNESCO world heritage. Experience true tranquility and crystal clear water of this lovely place for an unforgettable experience.
  2. Zanzibar-minMesmerize with the Strength of Mighty Pyramids:
    How to forget incredible architecture and strength of pyramids when going to Africa? Traveling to Egypt will compel you to witness the mighty pyramids. See the seventh wonder of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza and capture some of the memorable pictures here.
  3. great pyramids-minWitness Natural Reserves of Kenya:
    Kenya is one of the significant tourist attractions in Africa. And one of the prime reasons for this fact is the existence of Masai Mara National Reserve. This amazing wildlife park sounds enchanting with a large number of animals there on hilly grassland.
  4. Africa wildlife-minGo to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania:
    Experience the adventure of hiking to the world’s tallest free standing mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 19,340 feet and therefore it is one of the best tourist attractions.
  5. Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro-minEnjoy Largest Rainforest in Congo:
    Congo is an African country that is home to many sightseeing spots. Among such attractions, Salonga National Park is the largest tropical rainforest reserve. A number of endangered species are fed here including Salonga Monkeys, Tshuapa Red Colobus, forest elephants and more.Congo rainforest-min


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