In such a hectic schedule of today’s life, travelling is the best way out to eradicate stress. Visiting the worldwide destinations, experiencing the treasures of nature, witnessing a multitude of culture; all these are the reasons that make travelling an ultimate source of relaxation.

There are enormous places to mark an unforgettable journey. It depends on you where you are willing to move in your vacations. Do you want to exuberate yourself with natural reserves, or have adventures of safari trips, or want to explore the world’s best theme parks?

Depending upon your mood, you can choose for some of the best destinations. But today we are going to reveal world’s rarely known places that are unseen by most of the people. This collection might be quite helpful in deciding an unusual spot to spend your vacations at.

  1. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex – England:For castle lovers, England is the place to stop by. With huge sized mighty castles, the country is sufficient to mesmerize you. Among this fathomless world of castles, Bodiam Castle is the one that is unseen by many of the people. The castle is located near Robertsbridge in East Sussex, England.
  2. Elephant Foot Glacier – Greenland:Another breathtaking experience will be an amazing view of Elephant Foot Glacier. That is a perfect round shaped glacier with a diameter of about 5 kilometers.
  3. Bamboo Forest – Japan:
    A dense forest with perfect natural reserves is another exuberating experience. In the Northwestern region of Kyoto Basin, Japan, the dense forest of bamboos leaves a person mesmerized for a few minutes. With an area of about 16 kilometers, the forest seems more amazing with a sound produced after the wind blows through the bamboo grove.
  4. Lavender Fields, Provence – France:The splendid color, enchanting texture and captivating fields of Lavender in France make this place one of the best sightseeing spots. The best season in Provence comes between June and August and that is the best time to see the blooms of Lavender fields. Moreover, Lavender itself is a perfect treatment to heal insect bites and burns.
  5. Antelope Canyon – USA:The Novajo land offers you one of the best places to capture memorable photographs. Near Page, the Arizona canyons are amazingly captivating to be experienced. But the upper and lower Antelope Canyon give a fascinating view to photographers that they are compelled to take out their cameras to get tremendous clicks.
  6. Black Forest – Germany:If you are curious to see place that you would have heard about in your childhood stories, visit Black Forest in Germany then. The forest has got so much to give you an everlasting pleasure. The dense growth of conifers in the forest blocks most of the light, and that is the reason it is known as “Black Forest”.
  7. Canola Flower Field – China:China is a magical land that has a lot to offers its tourists. And one of the best unseen places also exists there. In Yunnan, the golden yellow color canola fields take you to a dreamland for a few minutes. Walking through these splendid fields and seeing the canola harvesting practically will give you a chance to witness nature closely.
  8. Meteora – Greece:An unbelievable architectural view can be enjoyed at Meteora in Greece. Literally, the word Meteora means ‘suspended in air’ and the monasteries built at the top of this mountainous region leaves person quiet. Built under impossible conditions, without any proper routes and roads, the place is an ultimate example of architectural excellence.
  9. Blade Mill – France:A very interesting place to visit is Blade mill. Being located in France, these kinds of mills were used to sharpen the swords, knives and sickles. You will have an enthralling experience at such a historical yet beautiful place.


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