What can be more fascinating than taking a sunbath at white sand beaches? And the turquoise water waves striking the beach will be an additional glamour. Mauritius is that spellbinding Indian Ocean Island that welcomes you to lush beaches and mesmerizing tropical islands.
Although, the magical land has a lot to offer for sun worshipers but the tremendous geography makes it popular for snorkeling as well. This multidimensional entertainment in terms of nature, adventures, games and shopping; has transformed the country into an enchanting tourist destination.

1- Splendid Blend of Culture and Traditions:

Unfolding the pages of Mauritian history you will come to know how the land has changed its cultures and traditions. The country was in actual the discovery of Arabs, and later Portuguese visited the land in 16th century. This was the same period when the small Dutch force occupied the country and named it after Price Maurice of Nassau. The Dutch force was the first one to colonize the land.
In 1715, the French took possession and brought African slaves to work on sugar plantations. The country was then captured by British in 18th century and it became part of the British Empire in 1814. In 1830s, the Indian laborers were brought after eradicating slavery, thus Indian descendants now comprise more than two-third of- the population
After passing through so many amendments, the country is a splendid combination of multidimensional culture. The French, African, Indian and British influences are dominant in the country. A friendly environment is maintained with a mutual respect for all religions and communities.

2- Sightseeing Places to Go:

Mauritius is a melting pot of diverse cultures and mesmerizing places. This dazzling country hides millions of surprises for its visitors. Revealing each treasure will get you closed with nature. But Mauritius has far more worth seeing places other than its glamorous beaches.

i- Get Sun Bath at Scenic Mauritian Beaches: With the name of Mauritius, the cool breezy beaches appear in mind. Start your Mauritius trip with a stupefying sun bath at iconic white sand beaches. Tro aux Biches and Flic en Flac are among the best beaches.

ii- Have Diving’s Fun at Rodrigues Island: Rodrigues Island is the home to great water sporting activities. At this rugged, volcanic island, you can revitalize yourself through diving, deep sea fishing and kite surfing. This would be a fabulous adventure to follow.

iii- See Exotic Collection at Casela Bird Park: Situated at the hill, Casela Park is a wonderful treat for families. A tremendous collection of birds is made available there from 5 continents.

iv- Reveal Beauty of Chamarel Colored Earths: Do not forget to view the greatest natural phenomenon in the form of colored earths. The seven colored earths will leave you mesmerized and you will be lost in its splendors.

v- Walk through Bustling Streets of Port Louis: Port Louis is a vibrant city with bustling streets. You can find out the colorful markets that are awesome to be shopped from.

vi- Feel Spirituality at Grand Bassin: For a spiritual feeling, take a pilgrimage tour to Grand Bassin, a sacred Hindu site with a giant Shiva statue. This tour will give you a different kind of relaxation with tranquility.

vii- Witness Amazing Species at Mauritius Aquarium: Another fun-filled family venture is to view the 200 species of fish, invertebrates, sponges and live corals at Mauritius Aquarium.

viii- Hike in Black River Gorges National Park: Mauritius is wonderful country with thrilling excitements. Experience the hiking fun in Black River Gorges National park. The park is stunning with amazing wildlife, plants and birds.


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