Your vacation trip is near, and you have to cope with a number of things. Finalizing the matters from the initial most phases to the last ones, is obviously a bumpy path to go through. But packing the stuff is like a nightmare that you need to be extremely cautious in.

Many of the travelers – in fact the regular travelers – are not used to be smart in packing. Obviously putting a plethora of essentials into a tiny bag is something that is really challenging. How to put clothes in, where and what to place, how to organize things smarty that we are still left with a plenty of space; these are the questions a traveler needs to be answered.

In this regard, we have collected some of the best packing tips gathered from frequent flyers (and travel geeks) and from travel experts. These packing tips constitute an ultimate guide for a traveler that will prevent you from multitude of problems.

  • Gather All At One Place: You are about to pack your stuff. Keeping the mass of your accessories (to be packed), bring the suitcase and gather all at one place. Your clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile chargers, medicines; take everything. This way you will not forget anything necessary to be there inside suitcase.


  • Prepare a checklist: When you have gathered all things, prepare a checklist. Whatever is required to be taken, note it down in the list. As the things are added into suitcase, put a check mark. This way you will be able to organize everything in a smarter way.
  • Sarongs are helpful: From one of the travel experts, it is highly recommended to have Sarong in your stuff. Whether you need a picnic towel, shower wrap, makeshift bag. Such a multipurpose packable item is great for a traveler.
  • Rolled clothes are space savers: Another very interesting technique to save your space is to roll stuff instead of folding it. Folded items will consume more space, but the rolled ones come out to be less wrinkled and also the super space savers. It has been a proven strategy from many expert travelers so definitely it will help you out a lot.


  • Keep plastic bags of varying sizes: Plastic baggies always come very handy. Keep plastic bags of different sizes. They can be used to put some little things like to swipe your lunch or breakfast items etc.
  • Backpacks for regular travelers: If you are one of the frequent travelers, backpack is a very useful baggage carrier for you. Besides your basic suitcase, keep a backpack for holding your basic accessories like lip balm, mobile charger, notepad, smart phone etc.
  • Essential accessories for long flights: For a person going on a long flight, some accessories are essential to be kept with you. A light scarf (to prevent cold in airplane), medicines, ear plugs, hand sanitizer, notepad, lip balm, sleeping mask are among the must-carry accessories on such flights.
  • Ziplocs protect your wardrobe: Make an efficient use of zip lock bags. The stuff like shampoo, lotion, toothpaste must be kept inside such Ziplocs to prevent your wardrobe and other stuff.


  • Packing cubes organize smartly: Bring colored packing cubes that will help you out in packing your stuff in a smarter way. They help in retrieving the desired item quickly from the right place.
  • Use rubber bands to tie cords of electronic devices (& chargers): A very painstaking thing is handling the electronic devices and chargers. How to tie their cords neatly to prevent haphazardness. Rubber band is really useful to tie those cords.
  • Small pouches save space: Use little pouches and bags to put secondary stuff. You can have your jewelry, cosmetics etc in such pouches. They will in fact save a lot of space.
  • Separate out liquid items: Keep an eye on liquid items. Put shampoo, lotions and other liquid stuff in separate zip locks. It would be a disaster if your favorite clothe is stained with any such thing.
  • Medicines in zip-lock bags: Your medicines, daily supplements are necessary to be kept. Again the zip lock bags are efficient in this regard and will keep your medicines safe and will not consume extra space as well.
  • Put hat, scarf and poncho on the top layer: On the top most layer of your suitcase, you must keep your necessary stuff that may be needed anytime. You can carry hat, poncho, and scarf on this layer for quick retrieval.
  • Leave some space in suitcase or backpack: Do not forget that you may bring souvenirs and gift items for friends and family. So how will you take them if the suitcase or backpack is already overloaded? Always keep some space free so that you may balance your luggage with these presents as well.
  • Keep travelling natural health kit: Besides other stuff, some first aid is necessary every time. In this regard make use of traveling natural health kit with all that first aid stuff.


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