Celebration, joys, music, dances and delights of food – all these elements mark the features of a great festival. Any festival depicts a joyous celebration and merrymaking where one can live the life at the fullest. You get an opportunity to live the vivacious moments of your life, dance to the music beats and party all the night.

While planning to travel a country, remember some of the enthusiastic festivals that are going to be held around the world and select a country as per your choice. You may discover a cavernous range of festivals about to happen this year. Decide where you want to rock the moments of your life. Whether you are dying for a jazz music festival, want to dance all night, want to have some sips of highest quality beer; whatever you want to do these festivals will give you that chance to spend unforgettable moments?

Get yourself ready for an exuberating fun this year. Pick your favorite festival from the provided list and spend true lively moments.

  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival: What other to think about, when the festivities of Rio de Janeiro have began. Titled as the greatest “Free Festival” of the world, the Rio De Janeiro Carnival is the world’s largest festival that gathers around 2 million people per day on the streets. The colorful streets, enthusiast dancers and singers are scattered everywhere with the best street music, dance and feast. You will eb lost in the never-ending fun of this amazing carnival and will witness the best ever dance performances from Samba schools of Rio.
  • Berlin Beer Festival: Just tie your laces to reach the festival for beer freaks. The city of Berlin (in Germany) has showcased the world’s best beer brands from around 180 different breweries all over the world. A hypnotic blend of food, drink and music can be experienced in this great festival. It is believed to be the world’s longest beer garden decorated with 18 stages for live music fun and 20 beer regions. A lively atmosphere can be enjoyed at its zenith where one can taste scrumptious food and classic beer from big brands.
  • Long Beach Jazz Festival: Music refreshes the mind and body – this is proved once you visit the rocking Long Beach Jazz Festival. In the splendid lagoon site of South California the Jazz Festival is staged with popular music artists and bands. This jazz festival features popular music tunes played live, heart throbbing singers and musicians and yummy food as well. A number of people from different cities reach the city to attend this live fun.
  • Burning Man Festival: A very creative event that takes place at Black Rock Desert in Northern Navada, United States ensures the practice of art, creativity and self-expression. |The festival was started as an informal practice of bonfire, wherein a wooden figurine is burned in the presence of around 48,000 people. A very unique atmosphere is found in the whole event where you may witness the crowd enthusiast to do something creative in art. Besides challenging art, the event is highlighted with all night dance, music and food.
  • Abu Simbel Festival: Egypt is a land of wonders. Besides pyramids, the land has a plenty of temples and historical sites to mesmerize you. Among such historical sites, Abu Simbel Temple is the mesmerizing creation that was built in the period of King Ramses. The Abu Simbel sun festival is connected with a fact that the temple remains in darkness all round the year. But only twice a year in the months of February and October, the temple is enlightened when the sun throws its light on Sun God (inside the temple). This event is marked with a hilarious celebration. People gather to celebrate joyfully. You can witness dance and songs performance by locals.
  • White Nights Festival: In the season of mid-night sun, the views of St. Petersburg (Russia) are enlightened with the amazing White Nights Festival. It is an international arts festival where a series of classical ballet, music events and opera are showcased. You will be delighted with the performances of Russian dancers, musicians and singers.
  • Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead): An idiosyncratic Mexican celebration that is observed to remember the family and friends who have died. The festival is celebrated throughout the country where the deceased ones are honored using marigolds, sugar skulls, preparing their favorite food, beverages and going to their graves as well.
  • Festival of Lights: Get ready to immerse in the world of beautiful lights. Ever year in October, Berlin (Germany) is adorned with the enchanting lights everywhere. The festival of lights is a celebration in which every tower, building, monument and boulevard is decorated with immensely splendid lights. Witness the best ever light and fireworks in the city during this festival.
  • Carnival of Venice: Venice revives the tradition of togetherness, happiness and celebrations through its carnival. This is the celebration where Venetians put colorful masks on their faces and come dressed up amazingly. Enjoy the whole night parties with lovely adornments and feast.


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