For the sun worshipers, the watery treat and splendid sun bath of a beach are the things to relish with. With the term ‘beach’ in mind, a picturesque view of white or yellow sand, translucent blue waves and warm sunlight appear in mind. There are numerous beaches in the world offering tremendously relaxing atmosphere.

Besides the usual beach experience, there are multiple unseen beaches that offer something more interesting. We have gathered information regarding the most exotic beaches around the world. You will definitely be enthralled with the glamorous beauty of these wonders.

  • Zlatni Rat, Croatia: Included in the best beaches of the world, Zlatni Rat is the spellbinding beach that attracts millions of tourist due to its amazing shape. The beach is among the major attractions of Croatia and is located near the city of Bol. What is really fascinating about this beach is its unique shape that is formed because of the changes in current, winds and tide.


  • Bora Bora: A luxury beach resort located in the Leeward group of French Polynesia is sufficient to grab anyone’s attention to its scenic beauty. At Bora Bora beach resot, people are enthralled with the aqua-centric resorts (built directly into the sea). The crystal clear water of the sea is obviously something to get relaxation with.


  • Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas: A beach itself is a delightful spot to spend time. But what if a beach is naturally adorned with a lovely color. This comes out to be true when you visit amazingly beautiful Pink Sand Beach in Harbour island of Bahamas. The pink sand is the result of the coral reefs that surround the beach.


  • Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands (Mexico): You would have experienced the open beaches always. But there is a beach that has an amazing structure. The lovely beach is hidden inside the rocky region. This beach was formed when the Mexican government made use of uninhabited tools in the 1900s.

  • Maldives Beach: Though, Maldives is a land of spectacular beaches. But one of such amazing beaches is the one that glows stars at night. Yes, you can see the stars twinkling on earth after visiting this fascinating beach. Due to the microscopic bioluminescent phytoplankton, the light is sparked when they are agitated by surf.

  • Glass Beach, California: A very magical experience can be witnessed at Glass Beach. This exotic beach is famous because of the abundant sea glass present there. This creation of sea glass is the result of dumping of garbage for a number of years on some area of coastline.

  • Rainbow Beach, Queensland: In Queensland, Australia you can witness the splendors of Rainbow Beach at the zenith. You can enjoy the world’s best fishing, prawning, surfing and boating on this paradise. Take a Ferry tour to Fraser Island and spend truly beautiful moments of your life.



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