On the fourth Thursday of November, the Thanksgiving Day is a celebrated federal holiday in US. Its gesture of showing and saying thanks to God for what you have earned and gained this year. Usually, people gather along with their family and friends to show their love and concern for each other, exchange gifts, pray to God for his mercy and Thank Him for giving this all. Family gatherings are accompanied with some especial meals including Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and cranberry sauce.Thanksgiving dinner-min


Let’s look at the history of this day, well Thanksgiving Day started off as a tradition by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, when he proclaimed the 4th Thursday of November as a National day which was called as a Thanksgiving Day. It is also celebrated in the loving memory of giving praise and love to the forefathers who are living in the paradise for so long. American Indian Heritage Day also comes across at this time of year.

Not everyone sees it as a celebration; many of the citizens engage themselves in the protest of the mourning at Plymouth Rock.

The first Thanksgiving came forward in 1598, at the El Paso City, Texas. Other than this, many people claim it to be a celebration of harvest celebration by the pilgrim that was held in the Plymouth Rock. The Pilgrims did the celebrations for three days in the year 1621.

 What to do at the Thanksgiving Day?thanks giving-min


Basic observations that are seen at Thanksgiving Day are charity, where poor are provided with the basic necessities especially foods. Usually people prefer canned foods so that the poor can keep them for long term. Charitable dinners are held at major places of the cities, where you will find numerous people gathering together to experience the joy of being with each other and realizing the needs of each other.

US Tradition’s celebrates the annual dinner same as it was in 1621, by the American Native tribe known as the Wampanoag people. In modern times, it is referred as the Thanksgiving dinner where baked and roasted Turkey is served mostly.

Basic and core purpose of Thanksgiving Day is a religious and ritual belief of paying thanks to God for giving much, at the end of year, people say Thanks for all the things and goods they earned this year. The tradition of Thanking God is still observed at many cities of US. Major events and services are held at the worship houses across the country. Families hold hands together at the meal time and pray to God by starting it as to thank Him for His Grave and Mercy throughout the year.

Parades at the Thanksgiving Day


The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held in New York which is an annual Parade; it was started in 1924 and was the second Parade of Thanksgiving. Many other Parades are observed at this time of the year that includes;

  • Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade at Pennsylvania
  • McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade at Chicago
  • America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Parade at Massachusetts
  • Celebrate the Season Parade at Pittsburg.
  • America’s Thanksgiving Parade at Detroit, it is the largest and most celebrated Parade of the Country.

At this Thanksgiving day, on the 26th of November, 2015, let’s hold our hands together to Thank God for his mercy and Grace, don’t forget the poor and needy who are also well aware of this event, share happiness and loves amongst all and feel the magic of love.


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