Each year, the holidays of San Fermin are celebrated in Pamplona, in Navarra region. It gained so much fame because of globally recognized event known as “Running of the Bulls” which is celebrated there. In it, Bulls run through the streets of the Old Quarter as far as the runners. It is one of the most popular Sport Event in Spain and it is broadcasted live at different National Television Channels.

It is considered as a religious festival which is celebrated in honor of St.Fermin, who was a Patron Saint of this city. Today, this festival has gained enough success in attracting thousands of visitors around the world. Each year, visitors from different countries come to see and even participate in this dangerous festival.

Running of the bulls is an event of the Sanfermines and it makes their holidays an unimaginable one it is a unique form of celebrating the festival, which is surely a rare one but according to the people in Spain it is celebrated with complete enthusiasm and is considered legal too. It was celebrated at first so that the bulls could run outside the city into the bull ring.

It is celebrated from 6th to 14th of July, however, the first bull running starts in the morning of 6th July, exactly when the clock strikes at eight. After two rockets are launched, the bulls are left on their own behind the runners. The distance between the corral and the bullring is 825 meters. This run requires at least three to four minutes but sometimes it exceeds to even ten minutes especially if the bulls are isolated from their acquaintances.


A set of wooden fences is created to instruct the bulls along the route and to block the streets. Also a double wooden fence is erected for those houses where there is enough space. The gaps in the blockades are wide enough for a person to slip through but at the same time they are narrow enough to block the bull. The fence is composed of 3 thousand pieces, whereas the space between these fences is kept safe for security purposes and for those participants who need cover during the event.

The Running of the bulls festivals particularly has an emotional prologue. It is when the runners raise a rolled newspaper and sing to an image of San Fermin. The song is sung three times formerly the start of the event that means before 8am, then when there are five minutes left to for 8am, and the third time which is before three minutes before the gate is opened.

As soon as the third rocket is fired it means that all the bulls have entered the bull ring, and the fourth and last rocket means that all the bulls are now safely in the corral and that the Bull Run is ended.

Other than the runners and the bulls, there are several more important people in the event which are known as dobladores, in Spanish. These are the people having sound knowledge about bullfighting and they make all necessary measures to help the runners by taking up position in the bull ring.


Some important measures should be taken before entering the race:

    1. People under 18 years of age are not eligible to participate.
    2. The runners should run exactly in the direction of the bulls
    3. The runner should not be influenced by alcohol.
    4. Wearing inappropriate clothes or shoes is prohibited.
    5. You should not stand near the areas which are forbidden by the Municipal police force.
    6. Do not run towards the bulls or behind the bulls.
    7. Taking photographs inside the bullring without any authorization.
    8. You should not carry unnecessary material which can be inappropriate for the bulls or other runners.

Many causalities takes place in such an event that is why it requires some cool nerves, confidence and physical fitness. It is extremely harmful for any person who doesn’t have any of these qualities. Every year 50 to 100 people are injured in this run.


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