While traveling, you will find numerous highways and roads creating hurdles on your way to your journey. Some of them are smooth and can be passed by, rest are dangerous! Believe me there are some road in the world which have no use but are still there. They can be seen along your way to Mexico, many can be found in Russia and some can be seen in Italy. Today, we’ll have a look at some of those most dangerous roads in the world which have been a barrier between you and your pleasant journey.

Highway I – Mexico

It runs at the length of 1711 km, the route begins from the city border of Tijuana. The highway is also known as Carretera Transpeninsular or you can say the Transpeninsular Highway. It was constructed in 1973; most of the road is thickly covered with rock and dirt, fenced by dangerous cliffs and heights along with it making it one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Trans-Siberian Highway – Russia

Stretching over 11000 km from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg, the Trans-Siberian Highway is known as AH6 in the Asian Highway Network. The road is considered as the longest national highway around the world along with Australia’s Highway and Trans-Canada Highway. You have to pass by mountains, forests and many deserts so it is not a good choice for a road trip.

Stelvio Pass – Italy

The Stelvio pass can be called as a mountain pass of Italy. It is the highest paved mountain pass of the Eastern Alps. It was built in 1820 to connect the Austrian Province Lombardia with the remaining Austria. It also served as a border during the end of World War I. The Zig Zag route can blow anyone’s mind when they are on their way to Italy and surely can be a trouble bubble for travelers.

Cotopaxi Volcano Road – Ecuador

Ecuador is officially recognized for having some of the most dangerous road in the world, this makes it famous for sure too. The Cotopaxi Volcano Road is as dangerous as its name, the road leads you towards the Cotopaxi National Park, not only this but Cotopaxi is also one of the highest and active volcanos of the world. It had more than 50 eruptions from 1738 till now. The highway also connects the Cotopaxi Volcan national park with Pan American Highway, not at an ideal route when you are on a drive with your family.

Pan-American Highway

The Pan American Highway is the longest Motorable road according to the Guinness World records. The highway will make you go through various jungles and deserts, because of it, it is impossible for you to pass it during wet weather, Many different roads pave the way from the Pan American Highway but the highway itself is one of its kind of danger. It makes a way from Alaska to Argentina, making it completely impossible for some travelers to pass by but yet adventurous. Crossing the glaciers and mountains is one of a major challenging opportunity for visitors. The road measures around 30,000 meters of length.

Not completely impossible, but these most dangerous roads in the world are a true challenge plus a great adventure for you to plan a journey within it. Next time when you are traveling, read the blog again to refrain yourself from heading towards such roads of the world.


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