After millions of year’s formations and developments, this beautiful piece of land came up rising from the floors of oceans and resting to the Pacific. The Wonderland Hawaii is an isolated volcanic formation of islands; The Hawaiian Islands were formed by the occurrence of a hot spot right in the middle of the Pacific. Let me give you some tips to travel in Hawaii which can be beneficial for you to plan a trip.


When to travel in Hawaii?




The best season to plan a trip to Hawaii is spring, when the bargain season is at top and you will notice people being Shopaholic and enjoying the excellent weather, moreover, the best bargains can be found on hotel deals and airfares too. The weather is considerably same as in major parts of the world, the summers are hot and the winters are cooler. Decide what season suits you best and pack your bags to travel.


Which Islands are “must” to visit?




There are total eight Islands in Hawaii and neither of them looks like each other. You can trip around any of them; however, Oahu Island is the best of all to experience the most relaxing holidays. The best time is the summers, when the hot wave strikes and anyone would want to experience the coolness of islands. In summers, the schools are also off in US and even in Hawaii so it is the best time to plan a trip there and explore the exotic islands of Hawaii.


How much it costs to travel around in Hawaii?




Being a major tourist attraction and a popular vacation hotspot, Hawaii is not that cheap to travel, whether it is the airfares or any other mean of transport, you need a good budget to visit this volcanic island archipelago. The cost is the major reason why many people still didn’t visit this beautiful place despite of having a strong desire of exploring Hawaii. is a great place to start of your journey as they compare the flight rates and choose the best out for you, comprising number of airlines and best travel agents.


Where to stay in Hawaii?




From Mid-December till April, it is the peak time of bunch of people bumping around in Hawaii, so it is obvious that it is more expensive to stay in hotels and lodges, you are really fortunate if you have relatives or family staying there, this can make your travel expense half of what you were expecting. However, you can check the hotels and lodges and compare the cheap fares amongst all; the hotels offer great Hawaiian food and stunning views.


Festivals in Hawaii




To experience the best of Hawaii’s culture and tradition, you can visit Hawaii in the festival season when you can explore the best of its culture and beauty. The Honolulu festival is organized in March which is a 3 days celebration of art, music and dance. The Hawaii International Film Festival and festivals of Aloha are held in October and the Honolulu Marathon is organized in December.


What to do in Hawaii?




You will find many opportunities to explore Hawaii in a completely joyous manner, there are thousands of activities lined up there waiting for you. You can do parasailing at Maui but not in December as it is the Whale season or you can sail around the Na Pali Coast and you can have a calm drive through the Mauna Kea’s big island where you will witness chilly and breezy weather.


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