The Aloha festivals are a chain series of cultural celebrations which is annually held in Hawaii State. The festival contains the rocking concerts, street parties, parades and several other events. The event is organized especially for tourist’s attraction and it really holds every visitors attention once they are in the city.

History of Aloha Festivals

The Aloha festivals are celebrated in the spirit of celebrating Hawaiian culture and its heritage; the series of celebrations started from the year 1946 and was named as Aloha week. The previous manager of the festival said that after the war, the Hawaiians were lost and they needed their identity in order to be recognized, they had to regroup to show unity and faith amongst themselves and by celebrating their culture they felt proud, he said we had an amazing culture that was buried underground and that has to be celebrated again. The festivals are held in September and it has total four events.

Hawaiian Culture

The Hawaiian Cuisine: The Hawaiian cuisine comprises of many different immigrants bringing their native food to the island including Chinese, Filipino, and Korean and from Portuguese origin. For agriculture purpose, plants and animal food resources are very important in Hawaii. Poi, is one of the traditional food of the island city.

Customs and Traditions: Some customs of Hawaii culture are that if you are visiting any guest you should take a small gift along with you as a gesture of respect and you should take off your shoes before entering the house,

Myths about Hawaiians: Hawaiians believe in the historical tales and stories shared by their forefathers,

Main Highlights of the Aloha Festival

Some of the major highlights of the festival are the performance of the Royal Court, a party celebration with the vendors and a performance that is held in the heart of Wakiki, along with a Parade that starts from Ala Moana Boulevard and goes through Kalakaua Avenue. Roughly calculating, around 30,000 volunteers are involved in the planning and organizing of the event. The Aloha festival attracts millions of visitors around the world and it is a major attraction even for the locals.

Each year the festival is celebrated with a different theme, The festival now extends to around 2 months of period, along with 300 events celebrated at six islands. It starts from September till mid-October; each Island selects a king, a queen, a prince and a princess. The Opening ceremony of Oahu starts at the Royal Hawaiian center following with the Hula presentation and a rock party with live and loud musical performances. Some other events of the Aloha festival include the Hawaiian falsetto contest, a Guitar Festival and Poke Festival.

Royal Court Opening Ceremony

At the grounds of the island, the ceremony starts with the king, queen, prince and princess taking their positions at the Royal court in order to symbolize the culture of Hawaii.

The Waikiki Hula Performances

You will be enthralled by watching the mesmerizing performance of the young artists by playing tradition Hawaiian music and making it a complete block buster party celebration.

The Annual Floral Parade

One of the best and must see Aloha Festival event, the floral parade is a vibrant and entertaining parade with everything covered with flowers along with the bands marching and horses riding.


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