With so many attractions, Norway becomes a popular tourist destination along with its many beautiful areas to see, there are lots of things to do in Norway. Let’s see what more you can do in Norway apart from enjoying its scenic views.


Enjoying Sights through Train


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Along with many things to do in Norway, the scenic view of Norway offers the best sightseeing experience you can ever have. There’s no better option than to see Norway’s amazing beauty through train. Some of the best routes to enjoy the views arise from Oslo and then passing through the railway of Bergen. The Dovre Railway then takes you to the Rauma Railway, through all these you can enjoy the mountainous beauty and experience the best sites of the city.







Along with Norway’s Northern and Western Coast, you can experience the Hurtigruten cruise service, also known as the Norwegian Coastal Express; the trip is famously referred as World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage. The round trip on the Hurtigruten Cruise takes around 11 days to complete the country’s tour.





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The Geirangerfjord features some of the most scenic and amazing views of Norway, you will see all the spectacular and stunning sites of Norway once you visit Geirangerfjord. The fjord is one of the most visited and a beautiful site of Norway; it was also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. You will see the most striking waterfalls along with the Geirangerfjord, they are known as the seven Sisters Falls, the famous amongst them are the Bridal Veil and the Suitor. You can experience a one hour trip of ferry between Geriranger and Hellesylt; it is more like a mini cruise and one of the best things to do in Norway.


Arctic Circle



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The Northern part of Norway is covered by the Arctic Circle, there are two major attractions here at the Arctic Circle, first one is the midnight sun and the second is the Aurora Borealis or famously called as the Northern Lights. In summers, you will not find the sun setting as it continues to be as the endless day, and in winters, there is no other beauty than the Northern Lights. When the electrically charged particles are discharged by the sun and directly strikes the Earth o the magnetic field, this whole process produces a spectacular glowing and shimmering light effect that is a breathtaking view to see.


The Museums of Norway



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You can experience a complete historic trip at Norway by viewing its marvelous Museums that makes it one of the things to do in Norway. The Viking Ship Museum is in Oslo, it displays the Archaeological relics from Tune and it also became a part of the famous Museum of Cultural History. The major attractions of this museum are the Tune ship, Oseberg ship and the Gokstad ship. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History displays the rich cultural history and vast collection of the Artifacts of the social groups of the country. The Fram Museum explains the polar exploration of Norway. The Kon Tiki Museum serves as a library of around 8000 books in it and the maps and vessels of the Kon Tiki excursion. The Vigeland Museum dates back to 1919 and it has become the oldest museum of Norway with its numerous historic relics.


The Great Atlantic Ocean Road





The Atlantic Ocean Road contains 18 National Tourist Routes of Norway. If you wish to dive in the beautiful sea and if you are a seaside lover then you can visit the Atlantic Ocean Road to get closer to the sea view. Not only this, you will get a chance to unchain the beautiful churches, fishing villages and the popular Church Cave. There are many resorts and restaurants for tourist’s attractions there too.

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