Cape Town; the Paradise city of South Africa is one of the most beautiful and stunning destinations for sightseeing. After Johannesburg, Cape Town is known to be the most populous urban city. It was the best place to visit in world by The Telegraph and New York times.




The best way to explore the city is to do sightseeing in Cape Town, for which you will find numerous opportunities, several Bus tours and Train rides are available to roam around the city.

For Sightseeing, there are hundreds of places in Cape Town; fortunately the city is rich in having some of the best places to explore. Let’s look at some of the city’s amazing and stunning destinations which are best for sightseeing in Cape Town.


Victoria & Alfred Waterfront


Victoria & Alfred Waterfront


V&A is the perfect place to give you sweeping views and stunning sights of the Atlantic Ocean, the Table Mountain and the city itself. The waterfront is the major attraction for more than 23 million of tourists around the Globe. Its construction was started in 1860 by Queen Victoria’s son. It is one of the best places to do sightseeing in Cape Town and to explore the city at its best.


Table Mountain


Table Mountain


The Table Mountain overlooks the Cape Town city and has famously become the most popular landmark and a recognition symbol of the city. You can see the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the foot of the Table Mountain, not only this; the Table Mountain was selected as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Cable cars or hiking through it is the best way to see this magnificent attraction of Cape Town.


Robben Island


Robbin Island


Located in the Table Bay, the Robben Island can be seen. It is also known as the Seal Island. In 1999, The Robben Island is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the National Heritage sites of South Africa. Today, it is the most famous tourist attraction of Cape Town for many visitors.


Cape of Good Hope


Cape of good hope


The Cape of Good Hope is the rocky edge of the Atlantic coast at the Cape Peninsula. It was once known as the dividing point of the Indian Oceans and Atlantic. It has been an important port for sailors amongst all the capes; it is also a route for the Yacht racers. From long ago, the Cape of Good Hope has been a best pace for sightseeing in Cape Town as it welcomes many visitors and tourists to come and enjoy its sights.


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