Summers are the best to travel and spend some quality time with your family and some destinations are truly the hotspot of vacations, one of them is Ibiza. Located near beautiful Spain, Ibiza is a stunning and awe-inspiring island offering amazing locations, sceneries, cliffs and what not! It is not only rich in having sandy beaches and cliff towers, but it also offers snorkeling and windsurfing in the crystal clear water.




Ibiza has been famous for recreating the party theme and for night lovers; it is surely the best place.

So let’s know more about the places and exotic spots of this beautiful holiday hotspot to give you more reasons to plan a trip to the beautiful city and get various ideas where to stay in Ibiza this summer.


What to do in Ibiza?


What to do in Ibiza


You have many beaches as an option to know where to stay in Ibiza, the Nikki beach is one of them. Located near the Santa Eulalia zone of the island, you will find this magnificent beach giving you a perfect outlook and ambiance to stay.

Another one is the Experimental beach, which is again a major attraction for people planning a trip to Ibiza. It is one of the new beaches of Ibiza and that’s why it is still not that much explored. For experimenting and doing something new, you should surely try the experiment beach.


Sky Lounge of Ibiza


Sky lounge of Ibiza


The sky lounge of Ibiza is an unbelievable roof terrace comprising of 8 floors, to enjoy the DJ’s performing your favorite music and to rock on the beat of the island, its views are beyond perfection. So, get joyous while enjoying the views overlooking the terrace and giving you the best views of Ushuaia Club.


Where to stay in Ibiza?

You will have plenty of options to stay while your trip to Ibiza, some of them are:

The Incredible Villas


Incredible Villas


If you wish to make your stay a luxurious one and want to know some luxurious places to know where to stay in Ibiza and that too in a complete VIP style then you have the great villas as a choice. From car booking to reserving a table at a nightclub, the team provides you with all so don’t worry about the other needs.


Ushuaia Tower




Providing you with the most breathtaking views of the island, Ushuaia Tower offers a great ambiance and is a perfect destination to spend your holidays in a deluxe style. The towers have built in Jacuzzis and other amenities to facilitate the guests.


Where to dine in ?

Food is necessary, and on your holidays you always wish to have something unique and different from that you usually have. Some of the famous places to dine in in Ibiza are:


La Olivia


La Olivia


In the heart of the Old Town of Ibiza, you will find this place full of having cultural and traditional importance. The cuisines offered here have a touch of Asian and Mediterranean with a lovely view and finest services.


El Chiringuito


El Chiringuito


This place is perfect for lunchtime on the beach, you will find yummy simple food along with the views and it will make your lunch time a calm one even when the sun is shining bright and right on your head.






Your trip to Ibiza is incomplete without exploring the KM5, which is undoubtedly the best place to dine in in Ibiza, the atmosphere and the architecture is simply beautiful. They also have a great art collection and a trendy environment. The dishes prepared at KM5 give a touch of Italian, French, Argentinian and Mediterranean cuisines.


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