If you had a New Year’s resolution to travel in 2016 then still it’s not too late. To all the travel lovers and adventure seekers, who were unable to accomplish their travel dreams in the past years, here’s a chance to fulfill them in 2016 by following our step by step guidelines to accomplish your travel dreams in 2016.

Plan ahead


You still have plenty of time to plan ahead to let your travel dreams come true, you have many options to choose from so sit back and think about the places you always wished to visit and should definitely visit this year.

Make a checklist

travel checklist-minAfter planning, you should definitely prepare a checklist of things you need the most to least, make a list starting from the packing things to tickets, even include the reservations in it [just in case].

Just imagine!

just imagineVisualizing is the best thing to accomplish your travel dreams, just imagine yourself standing in the greater views of Burj Khalifa or viewing the Eifel tower, or probably bungee jumping from the heights of the greatest mountains, worth visiting right?

Choose the desired destination

desired destinationOut of all the beautiful locations and stunning destinations, choose the one that suits you, by choosing I mean maybe you have some climate or weather issues so make sure you select the place that suits you properly and which is perfect to visit in that season so plan accordingly!

Make a budget – start saving

start savingBudget is a part of planning, make sure you start saving for the expenses of travel, I mean yes traveling is much more than money but not all things are free mate and you cannot afford to spend everything on just one trip, so make a budget of expenses that can occur and start saving from now.

Be curious to set goals

set goalsDon’t sit back relaxed and content leaving all to God, be inquisitive yet prudent to set goals to travel this year. If you wanted to see the fireworks from the PETRONAS towers or if you wanted to have a cable car ride in Cape Town then be curious enough to accomplish it now..

Call your friends to accompany you

call your friendFriends are great for suggestions like where to go for holidays this year and they accompany you best to your dream destination, after all if you are planning everything then why not include them in the fun to have utter most of your travel dreams to come true.

Take some time out for yourself

Ok enough of those business meetings, its high time you should consider ‘’you’’ first, sit back and take some time out for yourself, for planning, budgeting and arranging things yourself

Be comfortable with the changes

be comfortableOnce you visit another city, you have to face lots of changes that occur whilst traveling. So be comfortable and contended about the changes that take place and enjoy every bit of it. Take it as a unique experience.

Come out of your comfort zone

out of comfort zoneI know you will agree upon the fact that you cannot have a thriving travel fun experience by making boundaries for yourself, you have to come out of your comfort zone to welcome some new experiences, you may not be able to sleep on those pillow but yes you have to manage it now, this will also make things worth remembering and cherishing.

Don’t hesitate to be a shopaholic

shopholicTravel requires a lot of shopping, I repeat A LOT OF SHOPPING! So don’t be judgemental this time, allow yourself to be a shopaholic, buy necessary stuff again keeping in mind the budget, but make sure you have everything that is mandatory on your trip.

Go for it!

got for itYou are almost done with the guideline so just go for it now and visit your favourite destination after following these steps, I am pretty sure your travel dreams will definitely come true in 2016.


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