Not everyone is lucky enough to have that perky free upgraded flight, I know everything that is free means a lot and priceless, and nothing compares to the luxurious unexpected flight upgrade while your long haul trip.

walking in plane-min

Always wanted to have a free flight upgrade? Check out our list of 8 tips to get a free upgraded flight.

  • Pick Flight time cleverly

The peak time of flights to fly are considered more hassle full which has majority of the business men and women grabbing those luxurious seats already, yes they actually booked them out of all the expenses but if you want to avail it all free, you should avoid the peak flying times which are majorly in the day tine, be flexible with your timings and your chances to get free upgrade in a flight will be knowingly higher.

  • Join you airline’s flyer program

flyer program

If you have a constant thirst for severe traveling then you must join a frequent flyer program to avail all the perks of an upgraded flight. If you know you will be flying a lot then by joining the loyal flyer program will increase your points which can later be redeemed as a free upgrade in a flight or you will be considered first to give an upgrade rather considering a non-flyer program holder.

  • Being late is rewarded here

If you are just flying for the sake of fun and adventure then you can be flexible with any timing and dates I guess, as you know airlines overbook the flights in order to show ‘’no availability’’ to others, so it depends if you are late enough that your seat has been assigned to someone else, chances are you will be settled in any of those business class seats [subject to availability]

  • Or try reaching early

There may be only 1 or 2 available upgrade option, be the lucky one of those 2 to catch an upgraded flight option. Try being at the departure place before 10 minutes or may be more, get some Starbucks to accompany you but remember your wait could be rewarded with an unexpected upgrade.

  • Try flying solo

flying solo

Solo travelers are damn lucky in this regard, if you are traveling alone, you have more chances to get bumped in the upgraded class, families and even couples hardly gets the upgraded 4 to 5 seats altogether but if you are all by yourself, you can be upgraded easily without any hassle.

  • Show off your irritation or madness

show off your irritation
No don’t be as mad as her, chances are you may end up to the mental asylum

It shouldn’t be a difficult task for you to pretend being mad at the senior authority of the airport, but this can be a result to any of your flight delay or other unfulfilled promises made by the airline. Shout out your inner crave for an upgrade and let’s see if you can be lucky.

  • Be polite


be polite

Not all the times rolled up sleeves in anger and shouting at the top of your voices works, you  never know if the airport manager had a bad fight with his wife and throws all the anger at you, so try being polite to the staff and you can always get a rewarded upgrade flight, sometimes it really works.

  • Lastly…LIE!!

Sorry I am encouraging dishonesty here but some good things are not at all free, a lot of hard work and even dishonesties are required to get a free upgrade. You can dress well and leave the rest to your ‘’fake’’ charm or show your honeymoon card at the counter and ask politely for something special as a gift. Or you can also show fake enthusiasm at the counter to let the airport staffs know how excited you are to fly with them [seriously].


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