The difference between a traveller and a tourist is the same as between you and me, or sun and moon or may be the elephant and the ant, it can be well acknowledged by seeking within you, if you are roaming on the streets somewhere on the foreign land without noticing the time, place, your complete outlook, you are a traveller. Below further, I’ve tried to cater some of the major contrasting differences between the tourists and travellers.

*figure out in the end, ” Tourist vs Traveller ” which one are you?


Tourist vs Traveller


Being a traveller

Being a tourist

· Simply means you have utterly no sense of planning where to go, what to do and what places are on your travel bucket list. · A tourist has a long list of his favourite attractions prepared early before even his journey begins.
· A traveller, enjoys the moment despite of the fact that his plan may ruin, he adores with what comes next. · A Tourist is most cautious about his plans and is worried for its failure [if happens]
· You will find a traveller having random pictures with the statues and monuments. · A tourist will just appreciate the statues in museum and the monuments on the streets and wouldn’t dare to touch it.
· A traveller will be found having the maps attached to his wallets, walls and everywhere where it can be accessible · Usually a tourist have proper guidance and pre-planned things regarding the places he has to visit, or you will find a tourist with a guide most often [that’s why it’s called’ ’tourist guide’ ’not ‘’traveller guide’’.
· If you are a traveller, you have no such concern with the weather or the geographical conditions, for you travel is adventure. · A tourist has all the weather apps and is majorly concerned about the weather and climate of the place he is about to explore
· For a traveller, it is all about exploring the unexplored · For a tourist, it is all about exploring the places likewise others have explored
· Traveller prefers breaking out of their omfort zones · A tourist prefers maintaining their comfort zone as a he is highly concerned with the ease and relaxation.
· He  knows [mostly] how to say hello and goodbye in different languages · A tourist, knows his/her own language and usually prefer other people to translate for them or expect to be understood [like that only]
· He prefer selfies · They prefer portraits with foreign people, or will be found clicking random clicks of monuments, sights and other sites.
· If you are a traveller, you will definitely have different cities in your new year’s resolution list and you make sure your travel dreams comes true. · A tourist needs a year or more just to plan a vacation.
· You have all the travel hacks, packing tips and the most pro instructions of getting out of the security check. · You need people to guide you regarding your trip, you need packing assistance and airport security check stresses you.
· A traveller is so used to of travelling he knows all the hacks, routes, short cuts and easily accessible places. · A tourist, usually, travels for the sake of pleasure.
· You will find a traveller to be a lot more enthusiastic, about the places and the new undiscovered zones. · A tourist is at times kind of lazy and less concerned about the time.


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