The amazing Amsterdam city is not only the proud capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands, it is weirdly awesome in its own way, the city where you can find around 25,000 bicycles and bikes annually from the canals, the city with more than 1515 cafes and bars, the city which has approximately 1281 bridges in total, and the city with the most of the house boats for the people residing there, yes it’s Amsterdam for you. A city so exuberant has all the wealthy opportunities yet it offers some of the free things for the people who enjoy such stuff. Look out for the 10 free things to do in Amsterdam and see how many you accomplish while your trip to Amsterdam.


1) Cycling around the Canal ring


Cycling around the Canal ring


Unbelievingly, Amsterdam has more canals than in Venice; the postcard alike image of the beautiful Canal ring is as stunning as any picturesque sight. The waterways are around 400 years old and are popularly known as the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site and it looks like roaming in a free museum with thousands of years old history. Enjoy the most memorable cycling experience around the Canal ring.


2) Explore the Bloemenmarkt


Explore the Bloemenmarkt


The awesome floating market which floats over the Singe Canal s one of the otherworldly exotic free things to do in Amsterdam, walk around with the blooming flowers and enjoy a scenic view with the colourful ambiance.


3) Free Boat trip


Free Boat trip


You can take a free boat trip to the North of Amsterdam by taking a ferry from the central station which crosses river IJ [pronounced as eye]. You will come across a decent and breath-taking view of Amsterdam Waterfront which is surely amazing in its own way.


4) Discover Zeeburg

Discover Zeeburg


To the Northeast towards the city centre is Zeeburg which has become city’s most beautiful district. It’s a beautiful chain of islands and peninsulas which are connected stunningly by bridges; the dock is 19th century old. It is also one of the fastest growing and developing areas of Amsterdam.. Good news, its free, try a bike ride there and you will simply love it, for sure.


5) Explore Begijnhof


Explore Begijnhof


The northern area of the Spui leads towards the Begijnhof, spotlessly aligned old houses, it is the most appealing sights of the city centre. Founded in the 14th century, this most outstanding sight is offered all for free.


6) Attend the Bimhuis on Tuesdays


Don’t let your Tuesdays get boring while your trip to Amsterdam, another free perk of roaming in Amsterdam is to attend the Bimhuis which is a rocking jam session of Jazz, starting from 10:00pm onwards. If you are a music freak then surely it is for you.


7) The free Classical Lunch concert

Plan a trip to Amsterdam in mid Septembers and you will come across the free classical lunch concert held every Wednesday at the Concertgebouw of Museum Square. It has a 30 minute free public performances , the rehearsals of the Royal Concert Building Orchestra is held in the evenings and is known as one of the best orchestras around the world, and if its free then it’s worth it, trust me.


8) Visit the Poezenboot


Visit the Poezenboot


Good news for the cat lovers, visit the Poenzenboot which is a cat house boat, entrance of which is of no cost although the donations are surely welcome. Attend some priceless time with the tiny creatures and enjoy a day out like never before.


9) Hop on the bridges of Amsterdam


Hop on the bridges of Amsterdam


The bridges of Amsterdam offers once in a lifetime view of the city, out of all the bridges the Amsterdam Canal belt is the most famous one which offers a view of 14 bridges of the city and the 15th one is the one you are already standing on.


10) Rest in the Rijksmuseum Garden


Rest in the Rijksmuseum Garden


The most scenic sights of the city of Amsterdam includes the Rijksmuseum Garden surrounds the Rijksmuseum, explore the outdoor gallery which has the stunning flowerbeds and fountains, click the most memorable pictures here and show off when you go back.


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