These days traveling has totally surpassed all the limitations with its easily adoptable hacks and tricks, don’t forget to read the blog before leaving for any other land and yes you can thank me subsequently.


Charge your phone with the Television USB option


Televisions usually have a slop for USB chargers, if you are lucky enough to find a modern TV set in your hotel or rent house, feel free to charge your phone or electrical with it.

Or, if you forget your charger, feel free to ask the hotel you are staying in


If you are unable to keep the charger with you while packing, you can always ask the hotel staff to provide you with one

Dodge a thief/ pickpocket


Dodge a thief/ pickpocket


Keep a dummy phone or wallet just to avoid trouble causing if any of the theft occurs, give the dummy wallet and walk home relaxed.

Use your ATM card rather Money Exchange option


Money exchanges usually have their own hidden charges, whereas using the ATM in the respective city will save you many bucks.


Scan copies of your passport and visa


Before leaving, scan copies of your important docs especially passports and visa in case you lose either of them, you have a scanned copy of it safe side.

Use Google maps offline option


To avoid using that expensive international data plan, try the option of turning off the Google maps option to offline mode, which can be used for the same purpose and will safe you the roaming fees.


Don’t stack – Roll up your clothes while packing


Don’t stack - Roll up your clothes while packing


Roll your clothes in your suitcase to have more and more space for extra clothes, also pack wisely; you should certainly know what to and what not to pack while travelling


Screenshot all important information


Screenshot all important information


Screenshots are the friendliest options these days to save anything on your device and keep them as a sticky note. You can screenshot your travel dates, PNR numbers, any addresses, and locations.

Label your luggage as ‘fragile’


Labelling your luggage as fragile will not only keep it safe [the most] but you will also find your bag on the top while collecting the baggage with your fellow traveller friends


Keep an empty water bottle while coming to the airport


Keep an empty water bottle while coming to the airport


Airport charges are way too high plus the security check will take any liquid while the security check, to be hydrated and to avoid any kind of hassle, keep an empty bottle with you and you can fill it up after the security check.

Sort your jewellery in a pill container


Use a pill or medicine container to sort out the jewellery, especially the earrings and bangles which gets tangled easily.


 Keep your bobby pins in an empty tic tac container


Keep your bobby pins in an empty tic tac container


The tic tac box can be saved for keeping your bobby pins in it while travelling, you will be able to find them easily and chances are they will even be safe there.


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