When you try to move to another place than your own, chances are you may feel unsafe at some point of the time, let it be your fear of new places or the fright of being misconceived or misguided.

Don’t worry, as our blog will help you to overcome the fear as we will provide some ways to feel safe abroad to make you feel comfortable in the foreign city.


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When in Rome; Do as the Romans



Apply this to your complete outlook, the way you travel & roam on the foreign streets and the gesture you carry to avoid any kind of sudden new happenings to startle you.


Dress up all nicely – as if you are ever ready for anything


Try not to be all ugly and unpleasant all the time, dress up nicely in a presentable manner as if you are the entire time ready to travel and is in love with the city.


Carry a map [all the time]


Consider it pointless and an ancient idea but a map really helps you to survive through the most awkward situations where you are unable to decide where to go and how, peep into your map to see where you are standing currently. Or you can also see the Google maps for the most accurate route.


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Be local


Just be as local as the people living in the city and you will not feel unsafe abroad anymore. Try out the local eateries and their favourite cuisines so that you can merge properly and nobody would think as if you are a foreigner plus the chances are you will enjoy more and that too in a relaxing way. Aim to blend well with the foreigners to feel safe abroad.


Avoid fights and chaotic situations


Trust me you don’t have to be a hero every time, be sure you have to return back home in one piece, avoid any street fight or nefarious act [if you see or come across any] even if anyone pulls out a knife or point a gun for any purpose, avoid the fight and support peace.


Avoid narrow alleys/streets


When you are in another city, try not to choose the routes which are unsafe and narrow, the dark streets are just not suitable for new comers, consider them unwelcoming to avoid any uncertain circumstances.


couple with map


Use public transportation


Choose trains and prams rather than your own convince to avoid any uncertainty, even taxis are good option especially at night you never know what crime is emerging at a higher pace in that city, plus if any unusual happens, you will always have others to help you and you can rely on others.


Follow the rules STRICTLY!


You may are not very cautious in your own city about the rules and regulations but remember this is an unknown city and everything may turn out to be unusual, so follow all the rules that the city applies to its citizens. For instance in France wearing a seat belt for the driver and the rear seat passenger is the most mandatory thing, and in China the road rule says the vehicles should be driven to the right side of the road [strictly]


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