It was during the 1980s when street art around the world gained so much recognition; it was further spread out to gain fame and was applied as various distinctive incarnations.

Street art is a visual art created by the art enthusiasts and creative graffiti artists, to outdone their art of decorating different walls of the cities usually portraying a depictive story or a famous character.

Street artists have a love and passion for travelling also, they wander different cities to demonstrate their art, and many of them have gained notable followings, appreciation and even media attention for their designs.

Street art is now a days used as a useful form of decorative and innovative idea of embellishing the street walls to attract people, especially if you visit any neighbouring country and find such beautiful piece of work you will definitely recommend it to others too. Similarly, it increases the beauty around a plain wall and adds colourful ambiance to its architect.  `

Let’s have a tour to those cities which have added more colours to the globe and are famous for their street art around the world.



Poland had a long history regarding the street start establishment in its popular cities, thanks to its initiative step of doing the decorum of the cities plain white washed walls and turning them into something innovative and attractive. Whilst your visit, you will find numerous colourfully decorated street walls that stuns the visitors.

New York

New York is a hub of graffiti art and remains a mecca for creative artists; some of the street art master pieces are so interactive that they can conquer any visitor’s attention. From Brooklyn to East Williamsburg, the streets are lined up with creative and colourful street art making it an attractive glance for people.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is admired as a city as canvas, it’s hard to choose who is better than whom. The city with its street art shows up as a colourful sight and internationally recognized street art considerably makes Sao Paulo a colourful canvas.


The street art scene is incredible in Paris, you will find various slogans painted on the walls, and it brings out a great outlook of the street graffiti artists and adds colours to the city. The city organizes some graffiti street art tours for tourists to have a look around Paris’ exotic and vibrant street art.


sunsinger /
sunsinger /

How can we forget a country that is has been richest in terms of having art? Street art around the world can be best observed in Italy, the country’s renowned art and artistic creations when painted on the walls, showed up something as exuberant as its rich art history itself.



Melbourne remains another hotspot of having the best street art around the world; the city is known as one of the best for having the greatest street arts for its uniquely displayed art expressions at many of the outdoor locations of the city. you may also come across many street art tours in Melbourne, be very sure to attend them.


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