Ideally, your holiday is a perfect opportunity to put down the tech and focus on relaxing. However, technology isn’t just about checking your work emails or updating social media, the right pieces can enhance your holiday experience and help you to preserve your memories. Whether you are tech-savvy or a technophobe, there are a few items that will make your holiday that little bit better.


A good, easy to use camera is top of the list. Unless you are a professional photographer, you don’t want your camera to be too technical; you run the risk of missing spectacular moments while adjusting your shutter speed.  There are a number of companies competing to achieve dominance in the world of action cameras, but since it was established in 2002, nothing has been able to compare with GoPro, which offers a range of cameras and accessories guaranteed to help you immortalise the most memorable moments of your holiday with ease, from scuba diving to paragliding and everything in between.

Additional memory card

There are few things more frustrating than going to take a photo or length of film, only to discover that you are out of storage. You are faced with two choices: miss the shot and commit it to memory or risk missing the moment while you trawl through hundreds (or thousands) of images trying to make space. Invest in a good SD card to help make sure you’re not caught short of storage, and if in doubt, take an extra (blank) card with you. There is a plethora of memory cards to choose from but a MicroSD has great storage and will fit most devices; at 64 GB it also offers great value for money.

IPad, tablet or netbook

Whether you are travelling solo or with children, iPads, netbooks or tablets are a good form of entertainment for long journeys. They also allow you to blog and upload pictures as you go. Most hotels have reasonable Wi-Fi, even in the most remote areas. Taking a tab or iPad means that you can upload as you go, free up camera space and, if you are so inclined, write your holiday memoirs while they are still fresh in your memory.

Portable Router

Wi-fi in hotels usually ranges from adequate, to patchy, to non-existent. Bear in mind, your Wi-Fi will depend on other users, so you will rarely be able to guarantee a connection. Those days are over with the portable router, which allows you to create your own Wi-Fi network. Simply plug your mobile router into the phone socket (found in most hotel rooms) and voila! Your own Wi-Fi, hardwired to the Ethernet.

Plug adaptor

This is a given, no matter where you are going and for how long. Juggling multiple devices with just one adaptor can be challenging, but there are some fantastic solutions on the market at relatively low cost. The Tevina travel adaptor will work anywhere in the world, comes with two USB connectors for phones and takes up very little room in your luggage; the perfect travel accessory.

Pocket Translator

If you’re not inclined to take your phone with you everywhere, or don’t have a package that includes mobile data abroad, a pocket translator could be your best friend on holiday. Cast aside the days of Brits Abroad by speaking a little of the language (don’t worry, you can translate replies to English too if you get stuck).

Portable charger

If you take any tech on holiday, a portable charger will help to alleviate the stress of draining batteries with endless photos/films/translations. Portable chargers range in cost; although it’s not worth buying the most expensive, you do get what you pay for and you may find that the plug or connection leads on lower end portable chargers fail to work.

Mobile phone

If all else fails and you forget your camera, camcorder and translator, your mobile phone will be your best friend. Phones are very personal and everyone will have a make and model that they prefer. Whatever phone you have, make sure you look up occasionally and see your surroundings first-hand, and not through a screen.

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