A Room with a View: The World’s Tallest Hotels

There is something magical about being high up; watching the tiny dots that are cars, buses and people moving around way below. Many people experience a feeling of omnipotence, while others are humbled by the realisation that they are mere dots on a busy landscape. No matter what your reaction, there is no denying that the views from on high are awe-inspiring, if a little daunting. What’s more, if you have the stomach for heights, viewing a new location from above is a great way to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Take a look at the highest hotels in the world, according to Emporis, where you can literally sleep in the clouds.

10- Guangzhou Four Seasons, Guangzhou International Finance Centre- Guangzhou, China


Southern China’s largest and most prosperous city is home to the world’s tenth tallest hotel, the Guanghzou Four Seasons. The building, also known as the West Tower, forms part of the Guangzhou Twin Towers and stands at 438 meters tall with 103 floors. Guests stay in rooms and suites on floors 74-98, where they will experience incredible views of the Pearl River. Residents and non-residents can enjoy the range of cafes and restaurants; choose a casual meal at the all-day Caffe Mondo on the 72nd floor, relax with a pre-dinner drink at Tian Bar on the 99th floor or indulge in the dining experience of a lifetime at Catch, the interactive restaurant with open-air kitchen on the 100th floor.

9 –Saint Regis Hotel, KK100, Shenzhen, China


With 100 floors and standing at 442 meters high, the Kingkey 100 building is the second tallest building in Shenzhen, having lost out to the Ping An Finance Center in 2015. The Kingkey 100 building is split between luxurious office space and the Saint Regis Hotel, comprising 297 luxurious rooms and suites. If your budget doesn’t extend to a hotel stay, have a drink in Decanter, where you can choose from the city’s broadest selection of wine 430 metres above ground.

8 – Nanjing Intercontinental Hotel, Zifeng Tower – Nanjing, China


With 66 floors, the Zifeng tower may not sound as impressive as the KK100, but at a magnificent 450 meters tall it offers residents breath-taking views of the city. The hotel offers the luxury one may expect from Nanjing’s most prominent landmark, including a varied menu featuring cuisine from India, Italy, China and Japan created by talented chefs at the Horizon Café on the 45th floor.

7 – Ritz-Carlton, International Commerce Centre – Hong Kong


Reaching 484 metres and with 118 floors, the International Commerce Centre is home to the Ritz-Carlton. In addition to the 5-star opulence synonymous with this luxury hotel chain, the hotel boasts Sky 100, which offers visitors a 360-degree view of the city as well as a virtual map. Relax, enjoy, and discover the endless possibilities that Hong Kong has to offer, before experiencing them for real.

6 – Park Hyatt Shanghai, Shanghai World Finance Centre – China


Occupying floors 79-93 of the 101 floor, 492-metre-high building, the Park Hyatt Shanghai’s rooms and suites offer sophisticated Chinese luxury and stunning views over the Huangpu river. Guests can enjoy a range of casual and formal dining experiences, completing the night at the Music Room, an opulent night club which offers music, speciality whiskeys and cocktails, on the 92nd floor.

5 – Coming Soon – Rosewood Hotel, CTF Finance Centre – Guangzhou, China


Also known as the East Tower, the CTF Finance Centre is the tallest of Guangzhou’s Twin Towers, reaching 530 metres in height and boasting 116 floors. The building currently houses elite apartments, a cinema and shopping mall but the hotel, which will inhabit the uppermost 16 floors, will house a ballroom, spa, restaurants and a sky bar, complete with outdoor terrace, on the 107th floor. The new hotel forms an iconic part of the Guangzhou skyline, and is expected to open in 2018.

4 – Coming Soon – Lotte Hotel, Lotte World Tower, Seoul, Korea


Reaching 555 metres high, Korea’s tallest building, the Lotte World Tower, is set to transform Seoul’s skyline. With 123 storeys, the sleek building will be home to an opulent 7-star hotel. The structure and use of the building have been carefully considered and include sustainable design features, including water harvesting and wind turbines; the uppermost ten floors will include an observation deck and spectacular rooftop café. The tower’s unique architecture employs contemporary lines inspired by classic Korean ceramics, calligraphy and arts, and is set to become a modern, iconic representation of Korean culture.

3. Coming Soon – Goldin Finance 117 – Tianjin, China


The much- awaited completion of the Goldin Finance 117 (or China 117 Tower), is due some time in 2017, after construction was paused briefly in 2010. The 597-metre-tall, 117-storey building is the tallest in Northern China and is literally the jewel on the crown of Tianjin’s cityscape. Exhibiting cutting-edge architecture, and with sustainability at the centre of every element, the tower is topped with a giant diamond.  From this vast glazed space, guests will be offered 360 degree views while they swim in the luxury pool, enjoy fine dining in the revolving restaurant, or simply relax on the observation deck.

2. Makkah Clock Royal Tower, A Fairmont Hotel- Makkah, Saudi Arabia


The Makkah Royal Clock Tower is part of the Abraj Al-Bait, a complex of seven skyscraper hotels in Mecca. The complex was built as part of a project to modernise the city and cater more effectively for pilgrims visiting the Holy City; the result is opulence and choice laced with traditional Arab hospitality. The tower’s name is derived from its clock which, at 43 metres in diameter, is the world’s largest.  Standing at 601 metres tall, the building boasts 120 floors; the hotel occupies 76 floors, with 1618 guest rooms and suites, a state of the art health club and a selection of restaurants offering a delectable choice of menus.

1. Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa – Dubai


Soaring a staggering 828 metres above ground, is the world’s tallest building: the 163-storey Burj Khalifa. The record-breaking piece of architecture also holds the titles for the world’s tallest free-standing structure, the most storeys, and highest observation deck in the world. There are lots of sites which offer Dubai Tourism information before setting off.

Residents are greeted with an irresistible combination of Dubai hospitality and Italian luxury in the Armani Hotel, situated on the 38th and 39th floors of the tower. Guests can indulge in exquisite menus from around the globe, world-class shopping and personalised spa experiences, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of one of the most iconic buildings of modern society. Whether you dine or stay at the Armani Hotel, it promises to make your trip to Dubai simply unforgettable.

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