There was a time when marrying away from home was considered daring. Today, however, more and more couples opt for a destination wedding. This is not surprising when you consider that the average UK wedding can cost anything from £15–30,000, not to mention the stress of organising, the politics associated with guest lists, and the decisions, decisions, decisions.

Whilst many dream of a classic summer, winter, spring or autumn wedding, British weather is, at best, unreliable. No weather is 100% certain, but it is possible to pick a wedding location where you are more likely to get the weather you planned for! A destination wedding is virtually stress-free; only the guests who really want to attend will spend out on flights and book a week (or more) off work to be there on your Big Day.  The best bit? The average wedding abroad costs £8-12,000, and you get to spend the run-up to your wedding and the day itself exploring the surroundings and eating delicious food in a place that you love.

Whether you dream of azure skies and white sand or crisp weather and fantastic winter sports, a wedding abroad can be the experience of a lifetime, for you and your guests. You may prefer all-inclusive packages, where you and your guests can eat, drink and sunbathe together. If you are a more adventurous bride and groom to be, you may want something that allows you and your guests to experience different things; cliff diving, scuba diving, skiing or horse-riding. Make sure you find out what there is on offer, both in your resort and in the surrounding area, to make your wedding simply unforgettable.

Weddings in Jamaica

Jamaica is, quite simply, captivating. It has everything; brilliant white-sand beaches, stunning waterfalls and divine sunsets. With beautiful scenery and plenty of options for action-packed days out, there is plenty to see and enjoy before tying the knot in a beautiful location of your choice. What’s more, the unique, Jamaican vibe is sure to enhance your experience. Reggae beats and an excited yet relaxed vibe may be part of daily life in Jamaica, but on your wedding day you will feel as though the palpable air of anticipation and joy has been created purely for your special day.

Why not have a dual-location trip? Due to the island’s size, you can spend the time before your wedding with your guests, before heading up to a more secluded part of the island for a romantic honeymoon.

Wedding on a Beach in Jamaica

When to visit Jamaica

Jamaica is lovely all year around, but the driest times are mid-December to April. These are, however, also the most expensive months; travelling May- August can be cheaper. If you don’t want to risk hurricanes and heavy rain, avoid September – November.

Flight time – 9-10 hours

Weddings in Sri Lanka

A wedding in Sri Lanka is limited only by your imagination. The breathtakingly beautiful island is the perfect size to tour over a two or three week stay. Due to its rich cultural past, the country is packed with incredible sights and monuments, both natural and manmade. What’s more, its occupation by different countries in centuries past means that Sri Lankan wedding ceremonies can cater to most religious beliefs. Choose to get married on an idyllic tropical beach; on a clifftop overlooking cerulean waters, or even in the National Park, where you can say “I Do” surrounded by loved ones – and elephants!

When you are not exploring the limitless sights, sounds and flavours that Sri Lanka has got to offer, you can soak up the sun on beaches that are nothing short of paradise. There is one thing for sure: Sri Lanka really does have something to offer everyone.

Weddings in Sri lanka
Wedding on a Beach in Sri lanka

When to visit Sri Lanka

The best time to plan your wedding in Sri Lanka depends on which part of the island you want to stay on. If you want to stay on the West coast or inland, you are more likely to experience warm, dry weather November – April, whereas for weddings in in Eastern Sri Lanka, May-September tend to be drier.

Flight time – 10 hours

Weddings in Austria

Who said that a wedding abroad has to be in the sun? A Winter wedding is truly spectacular but sadly, in the UK, it is more likely to be damp and miserable than crisp and wintry. Austria in the winter is like something straight out of a fairy-tale; skiers and non-skiers alike will be mesmerised by the sparkling brightness of the landscape. Explore, walk, ski, and enjoy a few après-skis as you prepare to make your wedding vows in the crisp mountain air, amid close friends and family. With a broad choice of cities, ancient castles and spectacular mountains, Austria is the perfect destination for a romantic winter wedding.

When to visit Austria

Austria is equally beautiful in the summer, but for a classic winter wedding, plan your trip between December and March, when you are likely to be met by a good amount of snowfall; ideal for glittering winter nuptials.

Flight time – 2 hours

Weddings in Las Vegas

Las Vegas may seem a little salacious but it is a wedding destination that offers a little of something for you and all your guests. You can opt for a kitsch, kiss-me-quick wedding in one of the many chapels, choose a themed ceremony, or something more intimate and romantic in one of the many luxurious hotels. Venture a little out of town, where you can be wed to a stunning natural backdrop, before returning to the city for a luxurious wedding breakfast. Of course, a wedding in Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without hen and stag parties! You and your guests can eat, drink, and be pampered like royalty, helping you to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

When to visit Las Vegas

When you get married in Las Vegas is down to your preferences of climate and budget; Spring and Autumn are pleasantly warm and tend to be cheaper than winter and summer.

Las Vegas Weddings
chapel of the bells weddings

Flight time – 10 hours

With so many choices, it is no wonder that destination weddings continue to rise in popularity. There are countless agents and companies that offer wedding packages. Our advice, if you want to get the best value and a personal service, is to choose your location, book your flights, then find a local wedding coordinator to help you to create the wedding day of your dreams. It is worth noting that many larger hotels and resorts have in-house coordinators who are helpful and have more local knowledge than estate agents or large agencies, so make sure that you ask when you are researching accommodation.

Are you planning a destination wedding? Would you like help or advice, or would you like to share your top tips with others? Get in touch on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.


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