Live music, incredible atmosphere and a smooth, velvety pint of the Black Stuff. Dublin is synonymous with nightlife – think of Southern Ireland’s capital city and your first thought is likely to be Guinness. There are nearly 1,000 pubs in Dublin, and at least 500 of them are fantastic. Based on the fact that it is virtually impossible for one person to have visited every one of these pubs (and live to tell the tale), it’s impossible to pick the five best pubs in Dublin. However, we’re giving it our best shot. If you are planning a trip to Dublin, try to squeeze in a pint (or a half at least) in these.

The Cobblestone Bar

Country music, fiddles and Guinness – at The Cobblestone you will find live music, seven nights a week. From folk to open mic sessions and even the odd ceilidh: grab your pint, sit back, shut your eyes and you may not be sure which decade you are in. The bar describes itself as a “drinking bar with a music problem” and that about sums it up. Not only do they pour a great pint of Guinness, but they are a real insight into traditional, no-frills – and no gimmicks either- Ireland.

Guinness_da_Bar (Small)

The Globe

Tucked away down the picturesque South Great George’s Street, The Globe is a quaint little pub packed with ambience. If beer isn’t your thing, don’t worry – as well as the traditional fare, The Globe is renowned for its delicious cocktails. The drinks specials change frequently, but are always delicious and promise to leave you wanting more! While away the evening listening to live music and line your stomach with a wood-fired pizza, which claims to be the best in Dublin.

The Globe Dublin (Small)

Temple Bar

It may be a cliché, but it really is a must-do (or must-drink) on your trip to Dublin. At 160 years old, and twice-winner of “Irish Music Pub of the Year” Temple Bar is a traditional pub turned tourist attraction. Boasting a vast whiskey collection, delicious local oysters, and expertly poured Guinness, Temple Bar may be a little pricier than Dublin’s average pub, but it is worth going for just one drink, so you can say that you have had a drink in this iconic pub.



Follow the footsteps of Judy Garland, James Joyce, JFK and Seamus Heaney with a trip to Mulligan’s pub, tucked away in Poolberg Street. The wood-panelled, 200-year-old pub is full of ambience and has barely changed in the last century – after all, if it ain’t broke….. A far cry from some of the overtly trendy pubs and clubs, Mulligan’s is broody, quirky and packed with atmosphere. Oh, and it does a great pint too, which is why it’s loved by its regulars as well as tourists.

Dublin, Irish Whiskey Tour, Mulligan's
Dublin, Irish Whiskey Tour, Mulligan’s


The UNESCO City of Literature Bar is conveniently located in the city centre, perfect for a refreshing drink while shopping! Neary’s is one of the few pubs in Dublin to eschew both music and television, opting for a backdrop of gentle conversation, laughter and the odd spontaneous song.  Aside from its enchanting atmosphere and great drinks, the pub is perfectly situated for a quick lunch too, before embarking on more shopping, or another drink…

Nearys (Small)

The Gravity Bar – The Storehouse

It may not be packed with locals, it may not be centuries-old, and it may not offer you an authentic olde-worlde Irish experience, but the Storehouse is a must-do activity if you are on a weekend in Dublin. Taking pride of place at St James’s Gate Brewery, the Storehouse is not a pub, it is one of Ireland’s primary tourist attractions. Here, you can learn about Guinness, working your way through the warehouse, until you arrive at the rooftop bar, where your “informative and educational” experience will be completed with a pint of Guinness, or two.

Gravity Bar Dublin (Small)

John Kavanagh’s Gravediggers

Sometimes, if something is truly worth having, you need to make a little bit of effort. Go the extra mile (or two). John Kavanagh’s isn’t on the tourist trail, but is hidden away in the north of the city, on Prospect Square. Reported to be the oldest pub in Dublin, John Kavanagh’s is also known as “The Gravediggers”, as it is situated next to a cemetery, making it a popular spot for gravediggers to quench their thirst. Unspoilt and unchanged, the 6th-generation pub is the perfect spot to enjoy a pint in an environment positively oozing history.

John Kavanaghs (Small)

If all this talk of pubs, music and craic has got your thirst up, we’ll help you to find cheap flights to Dublin.

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