At Travangelo, we hope that you will plan your dream trip and fall in love with the location. It is entirely possible that all that sun, sea and….. sangria may leave you feeling flushed. Before you get tangled in a messy holiday romance, take a quick look at things to do, and what not to do, to make your holiday romance simply dreamy. Well, maybe not dreamy. But here’s how to make your holiday dalliance fun and safe.

Group of Cheerful People Partying on a Beach

Do – take all the “beach-body-ready” rubbish with a pinch of salt. It’s your body, wobbly bits and all and as long as you feel comfortable, that is all that matters. So, boys and girls, if you are happy to let it all hang out, then go for it. You are beautiful, and don’t let the self-help books, fitness sites or fashion magazines tell you differently. Unless you have a hairy back, in which case you may want to go for a trim, shave, or the full back, sack and crack.

Don’t – drink too much. Yes, we know, we have heard it all before, but the fact is that if you get so drunk you don’t know what (or who) you’re doing, you are putting yourself at risk. Lads: there are literally millions of girls out there, waiting to take advantage of you. If you drink yourself into oblivion, you won’t remember any of it and will lose valuable bragging opportunities. So, regardless of your age and gender, try, just TRY to exercise a little bit of self-control. Oh, and one more thing – have you ever seen a picture of drunk, vomit-encrusted, make-up smudged you? It isn’t pretty.

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Do – stick together. As tempting as it may be to dump your friends as soon as the gorgeous waiter/ess offers to take you on a trip up to the mountains on the back of his motorbike (yep, we’ve all been there), try to stick together. There is safety in numbers and until you feel 100% safe with someone, it is best not to disappear off into the sunset with them. What’s more, only bad friends abandon their mates. Don’t be a bad friend – stick together and enjoy your holiday with the people you actually came on holiday with.  If, after a few days, you do agree to go your separate ways for an hour (or 12), make sure you all know where the other is, and stay in touch.

Don’t – go for your usual type. When you are on holiday, most people tend to experiment with food and drink, sampling local dishes that they would not normally try at home. It’s the same when it comes to romance. This is your opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something a bit different. Do you usually love a geek? Stay away from the museum and check out the athletic local promenading along the waterfront in tight pink budgie smugglers/bikini. Equally, your holiday is your chance to reinvent yourself (even just for a week). Have fun, flirt and be a bit creative with the truth – you never know, you might discover a new you. (Disclaimer – avoid outright lying as no one likes being taken for a fool and it could land you in trouble).

Spa vacation retreat woman relaxing at luxury travel resort. Happy blissful young woman in bikini in meditation enjoying summer sun and tanning during holidays.

Do – be picky. If everyone around you is hooking up with a holiday romance, you may be tempted to leap on the first person to walk by (not literally – that’s illegal). Let us tell you a fact: it is better to be alone than to do something that will make you blush to the very tips of your toes every time you think about it. You may be on holiday, you may be experimenting and trying “new things” but don’t spend a seedy night with someone you don’t like, just because everyone else is.

Don’t – confuse lust for love. A drunken snog at sunset can be a beautiful thing, but don’t assume that you are in love. Take your holiday fling for what it is – a bit of fun and a lovely embellishment to your holiday. If you fall head-over-heels and it’s not reciprocated, you will hate coming home and will end up heartbroken – not the best way to end your holiday. If you both think it could be “the one”, talk about your feelings and expectations before you leave to avoid excess heartbreak, disappointment, or awkward stalker moments when they turn up at your workplace in that pink bikini/pair of budgie smugglers, carrying a jug of Sex on the Beach and a bunch of roses.

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Do – have rules. OK. When it comes to holiday, rules schmooles. But there are some things that you really do need to remember. If you are going away with a group of friends, talk about your dos and don’ts so that you can help keep each other in line, should you drink a little (lot) too much. Some rules (only drinking at weekends, not eating carbs after 6p.m.) are made to be broken on holiday but others (that you are married or in a relationship so should NOT be indulging in a bit of summer lovin’) should be observed at all times. Remember, they’re your rules. If you break them, you are likely to be the person most affected.

Don’t – take risks. If you fail to adhere to any other advice and end up blotto, in love, running up the mountain after a waiter/ess, having dumped all your friends, please please, PLEASE stay safe. Buy your souvenirs at the market – if you don’t wear a condom you could end up unwittingly coming home with some unsavoury mementoes that could affect you for the rest of your life.  On a more practical note, if you decide to join the “Ocean Club”, make sure the condom is in place before you go into the water (cue comedy holiday moment).

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Do – know the laws. Whatever you decide to do on holiday, make sure you know the local laws. In some countries, you can be arrested for drinking and dancing in public – similarly if you are found in a half-naked embrace on the beach in some countries, you could end up in prison. So make sure you know, and respect, the laws and customs of the country.

Do – the final do  – do have fun. Your holiday is your time, you have earnt it and you deserve it. So be yourself, relax, sit back and enjoy yourself.

Group of People Partying on a Tropical Beach


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