Are you looking for a party island? There are hundreds of party islands around the world, usually promising sun, sea, boat trips and cheap drinks. There is no doubt: on these self-professed party islands, every hour is Happy Hour!

Some people make the mistake of lumping all party islands in together, thinking that once you have seen one, you’ve seen them all. However, not all party islands are created equal: some are bland and boozy, while others have their own distinct character. Let’s glide smoothly over the “brits-abroad”, generic party islands and take a look at the truly special ones. These have their own unique atmosphere, stunning views, beautiful beaches and incredible experiences, letting you party on your holiday in true style.  Here are our top five:

Pag, Croatia

Yes, you read right. Croatia is home to one of our favourite party islands. Pag is the fifth-largest of the Croatian Islands, located in the northern Adriatic Sea. Stunning mountains, pristine beaches and fantastic nightlife – going to Pag is like gaining access to an exclusive, members-only nightclub.

Cres Island, Croatia: View from the beach promenade to the adriatic sea near village Valun

The last decade has seen Croatia soaring in the party stakes. In 2007, clubs and bars on Zrce Beach were granted 24-hour licenses, instantly giving the island serious party potential. In 2011, Pag saw the first legendary Hideout Festival, which is now in its 7th year. At Hideout, revellers can dance for 5 days and nights to the tunes of 150 world-renowned artists: no wonder it is a sell-out every year!

Pag’s beach festivals and famous open air nightclubs draw talented DJs and music-loving tourists to this unassuming island. If you want a little more substance than beach, dance, sleep, repeat, you can charter a boat, indulge in a spot of swimming or snorkelling, or explore the beautiful mountains.

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Ko Pha-Ngan, Thailand

We KNOW it’s a cliché, but it is a cliché for a reason. If you go to one beach party in your whole life, make sure it is one of Ko Pha-Ngan’s Full Moon Parties. Ko Pha-Ngan is situated on the Gulf of Thailand, between Ko Samui and Ko Tao. For one week a month, the usually sleepy town leaps to life as the half mile stretch of Haad Rin Nok Beach sees 30,000 revellers coming to celebrate the full moon.

Evening Phangan beach with white sand and cristal clear water

There are plenty of legends about the first ever Full Moon Party, but here’s our favourite: Four decades ago, Thailand was less accessible to Westerners and the Island of Kho Samui was typically visited by intrepid backpackers: bangled, barefooted travellers who came to remote, spiritual islands to “find themselves”. One full moon in 1988, to escape the advent of electricity on Kho Samui, these disgruntled backpackers headed to Ko Pha-Ngan, so they could enjoy the island’s dazzling natural light displays in relative isolation, unsullied by electricity and light pollution. And so, the Full Moon Party has evolved – a group of 25 purists growing to 30,000 revellers and one world-famous little island. If you go to Ko Pha-Ngan, it is worth coinciding your trip with the Full Moon party, but the island has so much more to offer. We recommend that you arrive a week early and take the time to explore its secluded bays, go trekking through the jungle, and find high-end accommodation at budget prices before heading off to party.

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Mykonos, Greece

With its whitewashed houses, meandering streets and clear blue skies, Mykonos is your quintessential Greek island – with a considerable splash of hedonism thrown in for good measure. The Ancient Greeks were the original party animals – known for their love of fun and excess. And in Mykonos you will find that excess. Within the cobbled streets of Mykonos’s quaint villages, you will find countless bars and clubs, as you party the night away with fellow revellers. Aside from its incredible night-life, however, Mykonos has plenty to offer.

Colorful Little Venice of Mykonos island at sunset , Greece . Travel background

There are several archaeological sites to explore and countless secret beaches where you can sleep off the previous night’s excesses and rally your strength for the night to come. Mykonos is well geared to the party scene and offers a range of excursions – from serene day trips to white-knuckle experiences, which allow you to squeeze every last drop of fun out of your holiday.

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Ilha de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Dubbed the Next Ibiza, Santa Catarina’s second largest city, Florianopolis, has it all. Boasting music from all genres, from electronica to the Beatles, in Florianopolis you will learn to party – the Brazilian way. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches and beautiful drinks – the city is fast becoming the favourite party island for locals and tourists alike who are looking to work hard and play hard in stunning surroundings.

ilha de santa catarina (Custom)

The city of Florianopolis (Floripa to locals) is actually half on mainland Brazil and half on Santa Catarina, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore and discover the many delights of island or mainland life. It boasts sleek, modern architecture, great shopping and opulent restaurants and cocktail bars. Whether you are looking for picturesque beaches or wild parties, Floripa has it all.

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Ibiza, Spain

It may come as no surprise that Ibiza makes is one of our favourite party locations. An old favourite for party lovers, Ibiza ticks every box: sun, sea, iconic DJs and cheap accommodation. Ok, it may not be a tropical idyll, and maybe it is a bit clichéd these days, but the beauty of Ibiza is that there is so much island to explore, you can split your trip to Ibiza into two (or more) parts.

Ibiza party (Custom)

San Antonio, in the southwest coast is home to buzzing clubs such as Café Del Mar, while at Ibiza Town on the southeast coast you will find iconic nightclubs Space and Pacha, where world-famous DJs perform to seasoned revellers throughout high season. However, if you head northeast (i.e. away from Party Central) you will be rewarded with classic Ibizan towns, unspoilt beaches and authentic Spanish food. It is easy to get around Ibiza, with fairly regular public transport and plenty of planned excursions, so you can pack as much variety as you want into your holiday and get a good balance of culture and indulgence.

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Everyone wants to get something different from their holiday, and we aim to find something for all tastes. From partying to world-class food, from history to local cultures, the world awaits you! For more information and inspiration, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.


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