Are you one of the lucky ones to get Glasto tickets? Whether you manage to go every year or this is your first time, it is important that you pack the right things. And we mean the right things, not everything. If there was ever a time to travel light, this is it: packing your favourite clothes and expensive gear may seem like a good idea now, but if (when) it gets lost, stolen, broken or flooded, you will regret it. Aside from the obvious (underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste), check out our ultimate festival checklist to make sure you get your Glastonbury packing list just right.


  • Wet wipes – top of the festival checklist, wet wipes – also known as the “Submariner’s Shower” are an essential. Face, feet, armpits, beer stains, mud, kebab sauce, hands – there isn’t much that a wet wipe won’t scrub squeaky clean.

wet wipes

  • Battery pack – portable battery chargers aren’t horrifically expensive these days and if you are reliant on your phone for comms or pictures, they can be invaluable. Don’t rely on Glasto’s charging tents unless you fancy queueing for hours – pack a couple of portable chargers and stay in communications.


  • Sun cream – it may be a little optimistic given Glastonbury’s somewhat soggy track record, but if you don’t pack your sun cream, you could live to regret it – camping with sunburn is no fun.

festival suncream

  • Aspirin – any other pain killers are great for the hang over but Aspirin has a secret super power. It can actually prevent sunburn. Of course, the sensible thing is to avoid going out in the midday sun but….. you’re at Glastonbury! No way are you going to seek shade just as things are hotting up (literally)! Go easy and be responsible – if you suffer from thin blood, aspirin is best avoided – but taking a low dose before you go in the sun and on first sight of sunburn can prevent uncomfortable burning.
  • Loo Roll – for obvious reasons, loo roll is a must.

loo role

  • Eye mask and ear plugs – Whether you are rolling into bed at midnight or midday, campsites are noisy places. Ear plugs and eye masks will help you go to sleep (and stay asleep) even if it’s light and noisy, so you wake refreshed and ready for a new day of partying.


  • Cheap camping gear – whether you are a seasoned glamper or a virgin camper, you don’t want to wreck your good camping gear. Gone are the days where you had to spend oodles of cash to get decent stuff – these days you can pick up a double-skinned, three-man pop-up tent for under £40, which will help you to stay warm, dry and (very) cosy. Aside from your tent, you will need a roll-mat to sleep on, an air pillow and sleeping bag – if you feel the cold, pack a blanket too – fleece ones roll up small and keep the warmth in.

Lowlands_tents (Small)

  • Booze – Half the fun of a festival is the drinks before (or after or during) the day, where you can chill in relative peace and enjoy a nice drink of your choosing, that hasn’t cost more than your week’s food bill. Booze is allowed on site in plastic bottles – no glass. Boxes of wine are great – just discard the box and you have an easy-pour, glass-free supply.

festival drinks

  • Iced water – Buy 6 big bottles of water and freeze four of them. They will keep your drinks cool (and food, if you have been that organised) and help you to stay hydrated. Keep empty bottles to decant booze into if necessary or to refill with water from the standpipes provided. One more thing– place your water bottle on a flat torch or phone for an instant lamp – great for a bit of hands-free lighting. Who knew water was so versatile?!

frozen bottles

  • Mac and wellies – ok, we know. You are at Glastonbury. You don’t want to be Captain Sensible. However, wellies are standard fare for most festival-goers and you look sillier in soaking wet in flipflops in the mud, than dry in wellies, waterproof and shorts. Grab a waterproof that folds up small or you can easily tie around your waste for the unpredictable British summer.

National-Blog-Festival-Guide-Wellies-in-the-mud (Small)

  • Spare socks – lots of them. Cold, wet feet are horrible and manage to make you feel cold all over. No matter how light you are packing, make room for 6 pairs of socks.
  • Layers – boiling one minute, freezing the next is no fun, but can be a reality at Glastonbury. The nest Glastonbury packing list includes a small yet versatile selection of clothes – for boys, that’s a pair of shorts and a pair of trousers (preferably quick-drying combats), for girls that’s shorts or dresses and a few pairs of leggings to chuck under them if (when) it gets cold.
  • Bin Bags – the humble bin bag has many uses: waterproof blanket, poncho, dry bag and, well, bin bag, to name but a few. They don’t take up much space and come in very handy.
  • Torch – If you like being able to see in the dark and prefer winding your way back to your tent without tripping over guy ropes, pack a torch. Actually, splash out and pack two for when you lose one.

environment (Small)


  • Munchies – whatever you like to snack on and won’t go off – crisps, cereal bars, dried noodles. If you are faced with a dwindling budget and big queues you may forego food, which could spoil your Glasto experience.


  • Festival tat – this may not be at the top of your priority list, but coming prepared with your own wholesale tat fresh from a pound shop or bargain bin can save you a fortune. Temporary tattoos, henna, garlands, glitter, novelty hats, glow sticks, solar operated fairy lights – whatever takes your fancy, bring a little carrier bag of treats to help you get into the Glasto spirit.

glow sticks

  • Something to sit on – whether you’re 16 or 60, at some point you will probably enjoy sitting on an actual chair. Buy a cheap one that you don’t mind getting lost, wet or dirty – and think of Travangelo when you are sitting in your comfortable, dry chair, and not on the cold, wet ground.


Did you find our Glastonbury packing list handy? Or is there something you’d like to see on our festival checklist? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+ .


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