Do you dream of deserted, white sand beaches, where palm trees sway in a gentle breeze and the balmy azure waters entice you in for a swim? So do we! At Travangelo, we love discovering beautiful corners of the world, where you can dream, relax and explore before relaxing with a sunset cocktail in a place of unimaginable serenity and beauty. If you fancy packing not much more than your snorkelling gear, sun cream and a good book, take a look at some of our favourite tropical islands.



The archipelago of Fiji consists of more than 300 islands, but only a third are populated, and many of those are occupied by just a handful of Fijians. The main island, Viti Levu, offers all of the trappings of a tropical tourist resort: glorious beaches, evening entertainment and a choice of accommodation, from budget to luxury. You can explore, go white-water rafting and enjoy nature at its most beautiful, washed down with a few drinks and some classic Fijian cuisine. All of Fiji’s islands offer their own tropical idyll, but if you are looking for a desert-island experience, book a ferry, water taxi or flight to one of the many outlying islands. Some islands have just one or two all-inclusive resorts which range from glamping to five-star luxury (and with price tags to match); you can step out of your suite, room or tent onto soft white sand. Snorkelling around most of the islands is world-class – you will see coral reefs, manta rays and friendly sharks (honest!). Diving trips and turtle spotting are available, and most resorts have snorkelling gear and kayaks which you can borrow for free or hire for a small fee. Life doesn’t get much better…..



Zanzibar is a step back in time, its archipelago of islands staying in touch with its unique merchant heritage. Take to the seas in a traditional sailing ship: the dhow, or the small ngalawa, where you can get up close and personal with the sea life. While away the hours on impossibly beautiful beaches, with sand so white they look as though they have been dusted with sugar; visit lush clove and mango farms; or explore the old towns, their dusty streets lined with houses displaying an exquisite mix of Indian and African architecture. Part of the Zanzibar’s wealth can be accredited to its spice trade, and wherever you are, the rich scent of fresh spices will entice you to try delicious local dishes, exquisitely fresh and served al fresco. The tropical islands of Zanzibar will whisk you away to an era of opulence, and romance: of warm, sun-baked beaches and languorous days, making it almost impossible to leave.



One of the more remote of the eight main islands that form the archipelago of Hawaii, Kauai certainly delivers when it comes to vibrant tropical islands. With towering waterfalls, lush green mountains and stunning beaches, Kauai is blessed with natural geographical phenomena that make it one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Of course, you could spend your time relaxing on a beach, but Kauai has so much more to offer: zip wiring through the lush forests; canyoning; hiking; boat excursions to explore sea caves and discover isolated beaches; and, of course, world-class surfing, where you are likely to be joined by a legion of sea turtles. There is a reason why Kauai was the island of choice for the filming of “Jurassic Park” – its raw natural beauty unspoilt, rugged and simply divine. You can fly to Kauai from Hawaii – a trip that is well worth it to explore tropical nature at its most beautiful. Diving, surfing and snorkelling gear are usually available to hire or borrow from resorts – check before you go and, if in doubt, pack your own.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is slowly disappearing: the last vestiges of an ancient volcano slowly and gracefully sliding back into the sea. The phenomenon has created one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world: concentric circles with a lushly forested, mountainous island at the centre, surrounded by a crystalline lagoon, which is, in turn, fringed with a stunning chain of tiny palm-fringed atolls. The perfection of the setting makes Bora Bora a must-visit tropical island, and tourists have a host of luxury bungalows and lodges to choose from; if your budget doesn’t stretch to luxury, you can find cheaper accommodation on nearby Tahiti and take a day trip. Visiting Bora Bora without your snorkelling gear is practically a crime; the temptation of the lagoon too much to resist for even the most inexperienced swimmer. Hot, lazy days swimming and snorkelling are perfectly punctuated with exploration of the lush landscape; and of course, there is no better way to end the perfect day than sipping a tropical cocktail as the sun goes down.


The Maldives

Set in the centre of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a tropical idyll. Although there are over 1,000 islands, only 200 are populated, with just five boasting a large population; many of the islands are tiny coral islets, barely skimming sea level. With its picture-perfect beaches and world-class snorkelling, the Maldives are, predictably, awash with all-inclusive private resorts. This can make a trip to the Maldives fairly expensive, but still a relatively small price to pay for uninterrupted views, incredible snorkelling and diving, not to mention a total escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With its vivid blues and greens, pristine bleached beaches, hot days and sultry nights, the Maldives are the perfect tropical haven for couples and honeymooners seeking peace and luxury.

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