Some foods are world-renowned; just the mention of them can whisk you to a chic European café, a tropical beach, or a bustling Asian street. For most people, eating is much more than an act to achieve sustenance; it is an experience – one to be enjoyed and savoured, and which will, in many years to come, evoke memories of some of the best moments in your life. We explore some of the most delectable foods from around the world; foods which must be eaten in their home in order to be properly appreciated.

Sachertorte – Austria

The brainchild of Viennese chef, Franz Sacher, the Sachertorte has become world-famous since its inception in 1832. The sophisticated, dense cake, or torte, is everything one may expect from a city known for its indulgence: lashings of dark chocolate and a gooey ganache, served with whipped cream to mellow the incredible richness of the flavour. For the ultimate indulgence, Sachertorte must be enjoyed freshly made, in Vienna; preferably al fresco with a cup of strong coffee. Find cheap flights to Vienna here.

Fresh Coconut – Any Tropical Beach!

Whether you are in Cambodia, Cuba, St Lucia or Thailand, there is nothing quite like sipping fresh coconut milk from the nut as you shelter in the shade of a coconut palm. Straight from the tree, coconut water is delicious, but can be an acquired taste; chilling, however tends to remove the mildly earthy flavour. What’s more, coconut water is packed with antioxidants, so will help you to replenish lost fluids after a little holiday over-indulgence. Once you have drunk the water, you won’t be able to resist the sweet gelatinous flesh – the taste of the tropics!. Where would you like to enjoy tropical delights? Find the best deals on flights around the world.

Bagels – New York City

As breakfast, lunch, or a snack on the go, nowhere does bagels like New York City.  Load it how you like, but we love the simplicity of a fresh bagel, lightly toasted and served with cream cheese. Every New Yorker has their own favourite bakery and where to get the best bagels is a hotly contested topic. Ask a local, or just follow your nose!. Eat your way around the Big Apple; book a flights to New York here.

Sushi and Sashimi – Japan

Most people have tried sashimi or sushi in some form: from a Japanese restaurant, a food chain, made at home, or even from the local supermarket. The fact is, however, that if you haven’t eaten it in Japan, you haven’t tried the real thing. The central factor to sashimi and sushi is the freshness of ingredients, some of which are just not available thousands of miles from the food’s homeland. Wander around Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and choose from one of many sushi restaurants for the ultimate sushi experience. Experience real sushi with our best deals on flights to Tokyo.

Custard Tarts – Portugal

You haven’t tried a custard tart unless you have eaten pastel de natas in Portugal. The light-as-air flaky pastry filled with rich, smooth custard and baked to perfection with a dark, caramelised top was originally created by Catholic months sometime during the 17th-18th Centuries. During this period, egg whites were used to starch clothing, and there was a resulting surplus of egg yolks. To avoid waste, the yolks were used to make sweet pastries and deserts – and so, the pastel de nata was born. Any traditional bakery will do, but if you are in Lisbon, head to Pasteis de Belém, whose queues testify to their tarts’ deliciousness. Experience Lisbon and book a flight.

Ceviche – Peru

The traditional Peruvian dish is so simple that there is nowhere to hide; the balance of flavours must be absolutely perfect. And nowhere does it more perfectly than Lima, Peru’s foodie capital. Fresh, raw fish is mixed with onion, chilli and coriander and “cooked” in lime juice. The result is a delicate blend of flavours that tastes of the sea. Discover the irresistible flavours of Peru with our fantastic deals on flights to Lima.

Gelato – Italy

You may well be forgiven for thinking that gelato is “just ice-cream” but once you try the real thing, you will never make that mistake again. Gelato is the king of ice creams; exquisite flavours, silky texture and oh-so-indulgent. You will be hard-pushed to find a “bad” gelateria – your main problem will be choosing which flavour to try. We recommend you try them all, one at a time!. Find your favourite flavour with cheap flights to Italy.

Tom Yum Soup – Thailand

Tom Yum is more than a soup; it is an experience, a real taste of Thailand. The tangy, spicy dish is a staple and as a result the flavours and scents of lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime will forever evoke memories of your trip to Thailand. For a truly authentic experience, grab some from a street vendor – served in a plastic bag with a straw. Explore the delights of Thai food and culture with our great deals on flights to Thailand.

Haggis – Scotland

It may not look like the most appetising food in the world, but traditional haggis is something truly special. Like many classic dishes, haggis achieves its perfection in its simplicity; traditional haggis contains just five ingredients: beef, lamb, oats, onions and spices. The delicious, peppery flavour is instantly warming as the flavour of each ingredient makes your taste buds sing. There are plenty of traditional pubs in Edinburgh and beyond which serve haggis dishes, but the traditional way is with neeps and tatties (swede and potatoes) and lashings of whiskey-enriched gravy. Get cheap flights to Edinburgh here.

Steak Tartare – France

If you have never tried steak tartare, don’t be dissuaded by the fact that it is raw meat; like many of our top ten dishes, its beauty lies in the freshness and the simplicity of the dish. The best cut of the steak is delicately sliced into minute pieces, perfectly seasoned and served with an egg yolk and maybe a few pommes frites. This classic dish is best enjoyed by candlelight, in a Parisian bistro, with a bottle of vin rouge. Indulge yourself in gourmet food and romantic walks with our fabulous deals on Paris flights.

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