As the saying goes, we don’t know what we have got until it’s gone, and it is certainly true with some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Suddenly, as something starts to fade away and we face the possibility of it being lost to us forever, it becomes all the more precious to us. Sometimes, with issues such as animal conservation, the human race has managed to turn it around, saving magnificent species from extinction. There are, however, some natural phenomena that could be beyond saving. So, make the most of it and visit these beautiful locations – before it is too late.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

At 133,000 square miles, home to thousands of species, and visible from the moon, the Great Barrier reef is one of the most famous natural phenomena in the world. Sadly, the destruction of the coral reef is directly linked to humanity. Carbon dioxide is making the sea warmer – great for swimmers, but not so good for coral. When the sea is warm, coral releases some algae which gives it all of its nutrients. Without the algae, the coral loses its colour and their skeletons are exposed; they die not long after.  Some estimate that the Great Barrier Reef will be dead by 2050, while others say within the century. While it may seem important to visit this natural monument before it disappears, do so responsibly; diving is thought to be contributing to the reef’s demise. To catch the Great Barrier Reef while you can, waste no time and book a flight to Brisbane now.

The Dead Sea – Palestine/Jordan/Europe

The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest ocean in the world. It is also shrinking. In the last four decades, the lake has shrunk by a third and dropped 80 feet in depth. This is largely attributed to people in the neighbouring countries drawing water from the River Jordan, the Dead Sea’s only water source.  Experts estimate that the Sea could be gone in the next fifty years and, although there are measures which could be taken to save it, instability in the Middle East makes it unlikely.

To visit the Dead Sea, bag your self a great flight deal to Israel; from here you can visit the Sea on Israeli soil or cross the checkpoints to Palestine.

Venice – Italy

The romantic streets of Venice are world-renowned; tall, colourful buildings reflected in glistening canals. And what can be more romantic than a gondola trip through the water? Venice’s allure comes from the fact that the city appears to be floating; in fact, it is slowly sinking, and has been for centuries. Various interventions have been staged to stop the sinking, but the fact is that Venice continues to sink 2-4mm every year and it regularly floods due to high tides. When you visit the exquisite city with the knowledge that it will, literally never be the same as it is at that precise moment there is an added poignancy to your trip and the need to stop and take everything in while you can. Seize the moment and find great deals on flights to Venice.

Glacier National Park – Montana

Montana’s stunning national park used to have over 150 glaciers; today, the Glacier National Park has just 25. The worst-case predictions say that there will be no glaciers remaining by 2030. Despite the diminishing numbers of glaciers, the park is still an unforgettable location; hike, cycle, walk, climb, camp or just sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Don’t miss the chance to see this majestic park. Find the cheapest flights to Calgary.


The Seychelles tend to epitomise the tropical idyll, with its white sand beaches and palm trees. However, the archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean are at risk; dying coral reefs and beach erosion mean that the islands are gradually wearing away. Their life span is estimated at another 50-100 years. The prospect of losing this paradise is devastating, from a cultural and ecological point of view as, far more than being just another tourist destination, the Seychelles are home to humans, flora and fauna. Take your children to the Seychelles so that they will remember it! Travangelo have some great deals on cheap flights here.

The Alps

By mountain standards, the Alps sit fairly low. This means that they are more vulnerable to climate change. The Alps are one of the most famous and best-loved skiing resorts in the world, but they are losing about 3% of their glacial ice every single year. At this rate, it is believed that the Alps will have melted by 2050.  Visit the Alps in winter for snowboarding or skiing, or during the summer when you can enjoy incredible walks, breathtakingly beautiful views and the crisp sunshine of Alpine summers. Take to the slope while you can! Book cheap flights to Geneva.

The Alaskan Tundra

The USA’s most northern state is best known for its tundra, its vast spaces, soaring evergreens and permanent frost as famous as they are taken for granted. Locations such as the tundra are not just beautiful to behold; they play a crucial part in the ecosystem. Due to climate change, the tundra’s frost has started to thaw; what this means for the ecosystem and the immediate area remains to be seen. If you want to visit this magical glacial scene before it disappears, get great deals on flights to Anchorage and hire a car or grab an internal flight to one of the tundra’s nearby domestic airports.

We are privileged to live on such a beautiful earth and, after centuries of taking it for granted, humans are finally learning that we must respect the natural mysteries that play such a crucial role in our survival. The thought of losing so many natural monuments is nothing short of tragic but it reinforces the fact that we should seize the moment, take flight and visit wild, wondrous and mysterious places. We should make memories that will last forever because tomorrow, we may not be able to.

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