It’s that time of year again when Apple fanatics from all over the world gather around their screens, eagerly awaiting news on the latest iPhone and queuing up for days to be the first ones to show off their new toy.

And each year, right after it comes out, funny memes start appearing online saying that it’s cheaper to fly to the US than get the phone in Europe.

This year, Apple outdid themselves by releasing the most expensive iPhone model ever made. Supposedly it can recognise our faces now… we wonder if it can recognise our shocked face expressions when we see the price tag, too?

Now we totally get it: paying £999 in the UK for the iPhone X compared to $999 in the US seems like a big difference – roughly £246 at the current exchange rate. But since we’re big on travel here at Travangelo, we decided to find out if it really IS cheaper to fly to the US, or is it just another myth?

Let’s look at this logically. The price in the UK is VAT-inclusive. In other words, on this side of the ocean we don’t have any hidden charges; we go into the shop expecting to pay £999 and that’s what we end up paying, unless we get distracted by other shiny things, that is.

In the US, however, there is a tax that will be applied on top of the iPhone X’s already hefty price tag, and this will vary from state to state. For example, in New York, you will spend about $1,088 (£821) on the new gadget, and that’s just for the 64GB version! Let’s face it, who will really go for so little storage? 64GB will only hold 40,000 selfies! In addition, when coming back to the UK, you’re technically supposed to pay 20% import tax. Now, of course, you ought to pay the import tax, but the likelihood of someone actually declaring their new phone on the way through customs is minimal. So, for argument’s sake, we have left this amount out of our calculation.

Anyway, let’s assume you want to go to New York (without considering food and accommodation costs) to get the cheapest iPhone X – the phone itself will cost you £178 less than in the UK.

We’ve got amazing travel deals that we’re proud to offer our clients, but even we can’t get you over the Atlantic that cheap! You can fly from London to New York from just £339, or fly from Bristol to New York for £330, or if you happen to live in the beautiful Highlands of Inverness, you can get a return flight from Inverness to New York just £292!

So to sum it up – myth busted! It’s NOT cheaper to fly to the US to get the new iPhone X.

We do have a motto here though: “when in doubt – travel”. Who cares if the iPhone is a little cheaper here or there; why not make a nice holiday out of it anyway and explore New York with your family or friends? But remember, there are incredible things to see and do in the Big Apple – so don’t spend all of your time in the Apple Store!


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