We have now opened up our blog to guest posts by other bloggers and aspiring writers!


Anyone can submit a story or city travel guide, travel tips or an informative travel guide for the Travangelo blog us as long as they are fairly well written, and adhere to our guidelines. We realise that managing your own blog isn’t for everyone but you may still be an inspiring writer that wishes to share your wealth of knowledge with the world, however if you do have a blog we’ll link back to you from here. “fairly well written” means that you’ve checked your grammar and spelling.

Please note that travel stories are not limited to only big trips. Local trips and pieces like “10 backpacking tips when in Cairo” all fall under our scope. Lifestyle articles are also accepted. “Lifestyle” is an extremely broad category so you pretty much have free-reign, if you are unsure just pop us a quick mail and we’ll let you know if it fits.


  • Authentic and unique – we cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else on the Internet. No duplicate articles
  • We require 3 photographs (minimum) and they need to be at least 1024px wide. Portrait style shots need to be 800px wide, and no copyright images.
  • You can also send embed Youtube codes for videos you’ve uploaded.
  • The Submitted Articles need to be a minimum of 600 words please.
  • Please also send a profile picture of yourself and a short Bio including links to your social profiles and blog.
  • If possible, please format your writing in HTML – it makes it quicker for us to upload on this side.
  • You can re-publish your Travangelo article elsewhere online only if:
    1. you change the text by 20%
    2. you significantly change the first paragraph
    3. you change your title meaningfully
    4. you do not use our edits (use your draft)
    5. you link back to where it initially appeared on Travangelo. If in print, you can publish our version with prominent credit if you ask for permission.


  • More awesome stories / posts to share with our readers and friends.
  • Growth and the opportunity to showcase more destinations to the world.
  • A platform to share your tales and journeys.
  • The opportunity to be featured on Travangelo.co.uk
  • A link to your blog if you have one
  • Shared across our social media channels so that more people can see your work.


If you have an idea, submit a story that’s ready to go – get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

We are very friendly and are always looking forward to working with new writers and hearing your travel adventures!

Please make sure you only submit content to us if you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in that content. This means, for example, that you own the copyright in the content as well as any trade marks or design rights, which may be registered or unregistered. Please check you own these rights if you are unsure. Where there is a claim that someone else owns all or part of the intellectual property rights in the content, we will investigate the claim and will remove the content from our website if necessary. We are free to publish content that you submit to us in whole or part on this website, on any other site in which we have publishing rights, or via any other means, for example through mobile applications; and to allow third parties also to similarly publish this content where they do so in association with us. Please make sure you do not submit any content that might be considered abusive, obscene, illegal, libellous, defamatory, racist or factually inaccurate, as we will not publish such content. Remember you are fully responsible for all content you submit to us and you accept liability for any actions relating to the content. Any comments and reviews posted on this website by you or other users do not necessarily reflect our opinions and we are not responsible or liable for any content submitted by you or anyone else. By providing submissions to us, you confirm that agree with these terms. Thank you for submitting content to Travangelo.