Travangelo is the best booking engine that provides you with the finest cheap flights, hotels, and holiday rentals. Travangelo provides you with free amenities which mean we are not charging booking fees and we don’t vend anything.


We provide our best to show you all obligatory fees and extras (Fees that cannot be rejected) in the prices that we are showing. Our aims are translucent the prices as possible and we are working more on the prices to make it more translucent.
No! Travangelo never ever tracks buyer `s IP address or custom cookies to shove fees up. We show the cheapest prices obtainable at the time of your search. We never shove our prices up because we want you to find the cheap prices available.
We make sure that our all services are cheap, from hotel rooms to everything,
• You will reserve a hotel room by yourself.
• You will get a cheaper deal in 24 hours.
you have to send us the information that you think is incorrect and we will look into that matter.


No! We are not selling tickets directly on our website.
If you are having problems with reservations or you want to alter it, you have to communicate with the agent/airline which you reserved it with.
Yes, you can because we have agents/airlines on our website that are trustworthy and we are in contact with them and we ensure that they are meeting our standards.
You should make sure that you have given accurate information such as:
• Dates of traveling
• Emails
• Names and numbers of travelers.
• Arrival airports and departure.


The price chart is an outline of cheapest prices of the destinations that you have selected, on different dates. The core purpose of the price chart is to give an overview of any changes that occurs in prices of flights and to show the best savings you can have, which means this will help you to take an idea of how much money can be saved by you if you are flexible with choosing the dates. Though, what you need is to make a quick search of the latest prices as the prices vary and the price chart is just an estimate of rates.
After searching the flight you can generate the Price Alert. Then you can receive updates via emails with fares of the particular routes. Please keep in mind that there is a gap of time between finding the prices and then sending it to you and it can be changed from then.
Cheap’ flights are the most affordable and reasonable range of flights that we offer, along with some best airlines and excellent flight rates.


Yes, you can select it by clicking the '’Multiple destinations’’ option in the search form.
Yes, your feedback is very useful to us in order to improve our services and facilities. To make it easier for us to look into an issue and if you are contacting us, then kindly provide us with all the information about your search and travel dates of the destinations that you have selected as well as the companies name that we have directed you to.
Yes, you can make changes through email to unsubscribe from the newsletters.
Yes, you can remove the Price alerts via email.
If you have selected a preferred departure airport, the name of the airport will be filled in the search bar as soon as you enter the site and you can change it anytime.
The chosen departure airport will be on the default setting in the search form and you can make changes to it anytime you wish to search again.

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