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With Travangelo’s cheap flights to Belgium, let’s explore the beautiful Belgium. A small but full of attractive destinations, the city entertains its visitors because of its lovely places. The most stunning and recognized beauty of Belgium Is the belfry and Halle, the impressive building served as a main town market hall and has most beautiful architecture of the city. The Cathedral of Saint Bavo has the exotic religious architecture of Belgium;




it has some important tombs and wall paintings and is recognized as the most attractive tourist destination. The Battlefields of Flanders are sometimes a main reason for traveler’s journey; The Ghent's Gravensteen is best surviving feature example of Belgium’s moated fortress, it is famous for its beautifully designed architecture. If you want to see the beauty of churches around the city make sure you choose The Basilica of the Holy Blood that has complete Gothic architecture.




On the south of Belgium you can see The Meuse Valley which shows you best sites of the country, you can trip around the riverside watching beautiful scenes of the place. Moving forward you can visit the Grand Palace which shows some fine and ancient examples of the architecture of Guild House. Now with our cheap flights to Belgium, plan a trip to Belgium and experience a world class trip like never before.