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Visit Kingston

Take our cheap flights to Kingston and visit the largest city of Jamaica, a city that sits between Blue Mountains and one of the world’s largest harbours. It is made up of two contradicting halves; Downtown where historic buildings, art museums and ghettos have found home and Uptown which holds the city’s best hotels and restaurants, the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House.

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LCY to KIN flight British Airways £2682 Round-Trip 18 December to 06 January 02 September 11:49

Things to do in Kingston

Cheap flights to Kingston

Jamaica has a little bit for everyone. There’s surfing in the Boston Bay, biking the Blue Mountains, diving in the Great River and partying away the night in the Hip Strip and Stone Love HQ for the more intrepid travellers, while others can enjoy an educational trip to the Bob Marley Museum, Liberty Hall or the National Gallery of Jamaica.

Cheap flights to Kingston

Fly with us with our cheap flights to Kingston, and enjoy some Jerk Chicken or Jamaican Patties, Pork Chops or Ackee and Salkfsh for luch, Minnish water or Pumpkin soup in the evening and Okra or Solomon gundy with dinner. Finish your meal with some Bulla Cakes or Spiced bun.

Cheap flights to Kingston

Lose yourself to the sway of music in the Bob Marley Week and get a chance to display your own talents. Or get swept away by the exuberant affair pertaining to the Jamaica Carnival, arguably Jamaica’s largest and most successful carnivals. So take our cheap flights to Kingston and ensure a comfortable trip for yourself as we handle all the cumbersome details

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