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Get cheap flights to Togo you will explore the beauty around West Africa. It is a nation on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea and it is known for its palm lined beaches and hilltop villages. The most enchanting place to visit in Togo is the site of Koutammakou which is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage at the Tamberma Valley. This location is in the far north of the country and is well worth the venture to witness a true experience of Africa, 




and the views along the way gives you a chance to see more beautiful side of the country. Closer to Lome are the mystifying hills of the Kpalime region, which contains the tallest peak of the country. From here, you will be able to see great views over the landscape and across to the neighboring Ghana. Top attractions of Togo are; Kpalime that’s one of the most tranquil and most serene area.  Tamberma Valley this valley




is UNESCO Heritage and home to Batamamariba People, Lake Togo is the center of voodoo culture. See the National Museum of Togo houses which has an impressive collection of African art from traditional to modern style. There are also artifacts that trace the roots of the contemporary nation of Togo as well as the musical instruments and textiles. So book your cheap flights to Togo with Travangelo to see the beauty around Western Africa.