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With cheap flights to Abidjan, explore the most populous West African city. Witness the ancient St. Paul Cathedral church having the most innovative and unique structure designed by Italian architect or you can plan a visit to the La Pyramide which is famous for its stunning pyramid shape and is located in the center of the city. The Parc du Banco forest is a splendid piece of beauty which lies on the borders of Abidjan and is Abidjan’s largest commercial complex.

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On a lazy Sunday you can visit The plateau, which hasshops and restaurants for you to rest in. Having a mixed culture of western Africa and art, this place hosts number of musical as well as cultural festivals which surely deserves a visit. Including the international festival of black music and Festival de MaracanaAbidjan. So just pack up your bags and travel to one of the beautiful French speaking city of Africa with our travel partner Travangelo with most affordable flight rates and 24/7 customer support.