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Abu Dhabi Destination Guide

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi epitomises the 21st-Century Gulf petro-city: a beguiling mix of the unabashedly rich and contemporary, yet traditional. In just four decades, the countries of the UAE have been transformed from a clutch of traditional fishing villages to economic super-powers. Once proud of being the staider of the Emirates, leaving its brassy sibling, Dubai, to show off, Abu Dhabi has rolled up its metaphorical sleeves over the last decade, coming out all guns blazing to compete for tourism and the US dollar. The result is a nation that is still in touch with its culture but has bought into the trappings of contemporary luxury; a country continually striving for bigger, better, shinier, more. A trip to Abu Dhabi will leave you filled with awe and wonder: the sheer scale of the skyline, which is in a constant flux of change, shooting ever-higher across the horizon; the opulence of every hotel and office block; the exotic romance of typical Arabian culture and the vibrant bustle of day-to-day life.

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