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Visit Abuja :

A number of African countries have been the greatest source of delight for travelers. Nigeria has been another exciting tourists’ destination that has many surprises to be unfolded. The country is the most populous land of Africa and offers great excitements for visitors. Abuja- The Capital City:Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and therefore the most important spot to take your further ride towards other parts of the land. If you are a traveler having thirst to explore something different this time, so take any of the flights to Abujafor such cherishing experience.

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Latest Abuja Flight Searches

Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
LGW to ABV flight Turkish Airlines £529 Round-Trip 11 December to 28 December 20 March 02:44
ABZ to ABV flight Flybe £904 Round-Trip 01 September to 10 September 16 April 08:38
LCY to ABV flight KLM £1109 Round-Trip 11 December to 28 December 20 March 02:44
LHR to ABV flight KLM £1404 Round-Trip 11 December to 28 December 20 March 02:44

Things to do in Abuja

Cheap flights to Abuja
1Interesting Facts about Abuja:

Around 135 million people live in Nigeria, out of which 800,000 are leading their lives under the umbrella of Abuja. This makes Abuja as the most populous city of Nigeria. Moreover, the city was entitled as the country’s capital in 1991, and is located in the central location of Nigeria.Being a capital city, Abuja is the country’s home to major official activities. You will find embassies, national assembly and Supreme Court in the same city.

Cheap flights to Abuja
2Best Time to Visit:

The entire land of Nigeria is same in terms of weather. Just a difference exists in the climatic conditionsof Northern and Southern regions. Since, the north part of the country is hot and dry, whilst the south part is hot and humid. So, the overall weather of Nigeria is hot and warm. The best time to visit Abuja (or anyother part of Nigeria) is the winter season from December to February.

Cheap flights to Abuja
3Top Attractions of Abuja:

Like every other land, Abuja has got enough exciting adventures to make your trip memorable. With Nigerian innovative night life, historical sights, and traditional exposures, you will definitely have a chance to live your days.

Cheap flights to Abuja
4i- Experience Nigerian Wedding:

Wedding ceremony of every tribe and nation holds something different. It is recommended to attend any of the Nigerian wedding ceremonies and enjoy the fun of dancing and lively atmosphere with their exclusive customs.

Cheap flights to Abuja
5ii- Taste Traditional Cuisine:

If you come back from a country without tasting its’ traditional cuisine, you have missed a great pleasure of journey then. In Abuja, the yummy Pepper soup, Jollof rice, and exclusive sea food ranges are the must try ones.

Cheap flights to Abuja
6iii- Amazing Wildlife at Yankari National Park:

In order to extend your fun in the Nigerian environment, you must explore the wildlife of Nigeria at Yankari National Park. The sole purpose of this park is to preserve the wild life and animals. You can have fun viewing Baboons, Roan Antelope, Patas Monkey, Lions, Pythons, Crocodiles and a lot more.