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With cheap flights to Alghero, let’s plan a visit to the beautiful resort at Northwest Sardinia. Alghero’s golden sea wall is a highlight of town that represents its history. You can also visit the famous churches of Alghero that are truly a model of architectural beauty as it was built to a Catalan Gothic design.

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At Cattedrale di Santa Maria there is the striking Campanile that is the bell tower and is accessible through a Gothic doorway. You can view the Chiesa di San Michele is recognized for its Maiolica dome that looks like typical churches in Valencia. Alghero’s showcase square Piazza Civica portraits the former life of the medieval city. Not enough? To get laid by city’s rhythm a relaxing scroll is a good way to tune in Centro Storico. With our affordable range of flights the trip to Alghero is possible and accessible easily, book your tickets with Travangelo and view the beauty of Alghero.

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