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Visit Almaty

Formally known as Alma-Ata, Almaty is a city of Kazakhstan. You can visit beautiful parks with your family and friends which are famous in Almaty. The First President’s park located at the southern part of Almaty having most stunning mountains, you can also witness the musical festival held there known as Almaty – my first love The beautiful Almaty Lake surrounds by mountains as a back drop, it is one of the best tourist attraction as well as a source of water for city and works as hydroelectric power.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
CWL to ALA flight KLM £511 Round-Trip 31 January to 03 February 02 December 09:38
MAN to ALA flight Emirates £961 Round-Trip 31 January to 24 February 01 December 05:53
NCL to ALA flight KLM £2337 Round-Trip 30 January to 02 February 28 November 04:58
BRS to ALA flight British Midland £2705 Round-Trip 23 January to 12 February 28 November 01:11
BHX to ALA flight Air India £3928 Round-Trip 26 January to 24 February 02 December 09:52

Things to do in Almaty

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Located at the central East is the Panfilov Park that is named and dedicated to Panfilov heroes, it’s a very popular green area where you can chill and relax. If you are a history lover then visit the Central State Museum, you can find the gold man’s replica statue at the entrance hall and to see the best art collection of the city having Russian and Western European art along with Kazakh handicrafts. Some more ancient and historic monuments can be seen at Almaty like Kazakh museum of folk music instruments and St. Nicholas Catheral. Now with Travangelo’s best and affordable range of flights your visit is easily planned and executed. Book your cheap flight now and fly to beautiful city of Kazakhstan.