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With cheap flights to Amasya, let’s see the beautiful city of Turkey. Amasya offers many attractions for tourists from all over the world. It is one of the best holiday destinations that contain natural beauty. The Amasya Museum of archeology is a historic place to see that represents jewelry and statue of Teshub and also some interesting collection of mummies of the rulers of Amasya.

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The Castle of Amasya, located at Harsane Mountain alongside of Yesilirmak River, you can find the ruins of dungeon and mosques. Most amazing part of Amasya is the houses there that are built on the sides shores of Yesilirmark, amongst which the Hazeranlar Mansion is the most attractive one. The Borabay Lake region is a wonderful attraction for tourists because of its stunning views and fresh air. The city has some beautiful Mosques that should not be missed to be viewed, some of them are Sofular Abdullah Pasha Mosque, Sirvanli Mosque Abide Hatun Mosque Gumuslu mosque and Bayezid Pasha Mosque Some of other beautiful places that should not be missed at Amasya are Barakali Waterfall located at the Tasova County, the stunning Yedikir Dam Lake, and the Omarca National Park. With all this, the visit to Amasya becomes more appealing for you, right? So don’t waste time, book your ticket now with Travangelo and get most affordable flights and best customer support available 24/7 for you.