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Visit Aqaba

With cheap flights to Aqaba, Let’s explore the beautiful city of Jordan. Its beautiful weather, green palm trees and golden sand beaches adds beauty to the city. Unlike other cities, Aqaba is small but a very comfortable and cozy place to explore so many tourist attractions. The rocky mountainous hill of Wadi Rum stands beautifully in the ancient city. The beautiful hotels and resorts make it perfect for families to reside and stay.

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Things to do in Aqaba

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An ideal day spent at Aqaba would be to do barbeque on the stunning beaches. The Aqaba fort shows the glimpse of the history of Jordan and displays the ancient life of the people of Jordan. Some exotic sites of Aqaba include the Aqaba Gulf and the historic buildings. The beautiful site of Humayma is considered as most reliable and considerate source of Roman settlement in Jordan. Moreover, the attraction for tourists could be the Turkish baths, which are famous from the time of Arabs. The Red Sea resort is often ignored by modern visitors but it’s a delightful place to spend a day. Overall, Aqaba is an excellent place to see some places undiscovered, you can do good shopping, eat yummy food at some outstanding restaurants. With cheap flights to Aqaba from Travangelo, you can have now plan a tour to marvelous city of Jordan and explore Aqaba yourself.