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Attractive Asia

Explore Asia, the most famous and beautiful continent of the world. Comprising of China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and many more major countries of the world, Asia has all beautiful and exotic places waiting for you to experience a trip that you will cherish forever. You can visit The Great Wall of China that is a breathtaking wonder of the world. Then you can see the largest religious monument of the world, Angkor Wat that is also a temple complex in Cambodia.  Moreover, you can visit Tokyo’s Disney land which was the first Disney theme park outside of USA.

Things to do

At the heart of Bangkok is the Grand Palace that has magnificent architecture and attracts all tourists. In Indonesia, you can tour around Seminyak, the famous beach resort of the South. Visit the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam to explore the history.

 The love symbol Taj Mahal and Red Fort in India, the famous Shangrila resort, Neelum Valley and Murree hill station of Pakistan, the beautiful Night Safari and underwater world in Singapore, Mount Fuji and Meiji Shrine in Japan, these are all just the highlights of Asia as it has much more to see and experience so all you need is to grab a ticket and choose your favorite destination to visit the most admiring countries of the world.

Best places for food lovers

Whether you are going to Malaysia or India, from Pakistan to China, food has been a major connect between the travelers to Asia. Penang in Malaysia is a top rated destination for foodie people, the Hokkien mee and Penang assam laksa are just wow. Followed by Taipei, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hanoi, Singapore and Seoul are some best destinations to experience the food of your life.

Asia’s distinct culture

You will come across variety of different cultural heritages of many societies and nationalities in Asia.

 The region of Asia is majorly divided into sub divisions of cultural and natural geographic sub-regions. Asian cuisine, art, music and tradition are a hub of Asian culture. Most unique collaboration of Asian culture is a relationship between Western and traditional cultures around Asia.

Natural Wonders of Asia

Surprisingly, Asia has been rich and blessed in having some of the most beautifully presented natural wonders of the world, The Chocolate hills of the Philippines, K2 of Pakistan, the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, the beautiful marble rocks of India, the Kampung Kuantan Fireflies of Malaysia, the heaven Lake in China and Ha Long Bay of Vietnam are completely mesmerizing and artistic beauties of nature.

Fly with us to explore Asia

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