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Visit Athens

With cheap flights to Athens, experience a tour to the largest and capital city of Greece. Athens is widely known for its beautiful green islands. The Acropolis is one of its famous ruins and the marvelous museums of Athens displays wonderful and uncovered areas of ancient sites. At the center of the city is the Acropolis that has Parthenon temple and it is the center of the city. National Archaeology Museum is the largest Museum in Greece having most unique and antique collection of different exhibits. To know the Greek history visit the Byzantine Museum, it has an interesting collection of Byzantine art. For ancient Athens, Agora was the famous marketplace. Church of the Holy Apostles is the oldest of all as it was the only building standing when quarter of the Athens was demolished.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
STN to ATH flight Austrian Airline £258 Round-Trip 23 August to 03 September 14 April 09:49
LCY to ATH flight Swiss £278 Round-Trip 23 August to 01 September 14 April 09:45
BRS to ATH flight Lufthansa £325 Round-Trip 17 July to 24 July 12 April 10:54
BHX to ATH flight Air France £485 Round-Trip 27 June to 06 July 17 April 08:36
LHR to ATH flight British Airways £1413 Round-Trip 23 August to 27 August 16 April 11:20
LGW to ATH flight Air Portugal £3590 Round-Trip 10 August to 24 August 15 April 04:43

Things to do in Athens

Cheap flights to Athens

The Panathenaic Stadium is the ancient and largest building of Athens and it hosted the Panathenaic Games which had over 600,000 audiences. The PanaghiaKapnikaréa Church is a pleasant place to see, it has splendid architecture of Byzantine era. To explore the beauty of Greece, plan a trip with Travangelo’s best and cheap flights to Athens and get most affordable range of fares so grab a ticket to Athens and spend a beautiful holiday there.

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