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Auckland Destination Guide

Your trip to Auckland will be a whirlwind of adventure, which will lead you from one dazzling experience to the next. Auckland’s Maori name, Tamaki-makau-rau, means “Land of a Hundred Lovers”. The city gained its name for its lush, fertile soil which people fought over for centuries. Today, people love Auckland not for its fertility, but for its vibrancy – stunning scenery, a cosmopolitan city vibe and seemingly endless opportunities for fun, happiness and success. In Auckland, it really does feel like the roads are paved with gold. New Zealand’s largest city is located on the North Island. Despite having everything one would expect from a major city: high-end restaurants, a hip arts scene, architecture and thriving economy, in Auckland you are never far from natural beauty. There are myriad opportunities to escape from contemporary city life and find peace on one of many beaches, the rainforest, thermal springs or wineries. Many people say that Auckland is like England in the 1970s. The city may feel a little like England in its heyday, but Auckland has so, so much more: all the trappings of urban life, with dizzyingly beautiful geography, a sunny climate and the undeniable draw of Polynesian culture. Welcome to the City of a Hundred Lovers – you may just become one of them.

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