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With the picturesque beauty of nature and wildlife, a serene aura of iconic beaches, tempting food and drinks and an enriched culture of Aboriginal people–Australia is the ultimate dream destination for your holidays. If you are in the mood to gladden yourself with a savage beauty of rainforests, landscapes and experience the fun-filled adventures of sailing and surfing, this is the real time for you to find the available flights to Australia, and get onboard with your bag packed for an everlasting intrepid trip.

i- Geography:

Being idiosyncratic in every respect, the geography of Australia makes it additionally distinctive among all. It is the only continent that is administered as a single country, covering about 7.69 million square kilometres area. Interestingly, the country being surrounded by oceans - is the largest island and thus referred to as the Island Continent. On the other hand, it is the smallest continent in the world. Another fun fact about Australia is its existence as the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil, with a population of around 23.8 million. A majority of this population is settled along Eastern and Southeastern coastal strips.

 ii- Weather:

A rich country in terms of weather & climate – Australia has got all kinds of seasons that you can unfold an unparalleled beauty in each one of these. Divided into two climatic zones, you may experience summer and winter in the Tropical Zone, while the Temperate Zone offers you the pleasure of all four seasons. Being in the Southern hemisphere, the country has exceptional weather format contrary to Europe and North America. Explore the fun of summer in Australia from December to February, the magic of autumn from March to May, the winds of winter from June to August and the colours of spring from September to November. Thus, you have got manifold options to plan an exciting trip to Australia, by taking any of the available flights to Australia.

 iii- Things to Do:

Having a true cultural and social background, Australia is the place to lighten up your days with her colours and festivities. An enormous range of activities and adventures is waiting there to catch your attention and give you an everlasting memorable experience of your life. Get yourself ready to immerse into such amazing activities and enjoy a ride of pleasure and adventure.

i- Experience A Diversified Nature: If you are willing to get enthralled with the magic of natural environment, Australia warmly welcomes to take you to an exciting journey of its scenic oceans, rainforest, native plants and animals. You can witness the majestic view of Lake Hillier - a pink coloured lake.For a true fun-filled experience, never forget to have an exposure of Snorkeling and Scuba diving at the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Explore the real adventure by driving the Great Ocean Road. There you would have an opportunity to get plunged into the calmness of rainforests, crystal white beaches and amazing national parks.

ii- Get A Taste of Scrumptious Aussie Foods: Any trip is considered incomplete without tasting the native foods and drinks. So, you must have the taste of great Aussie foods and wines. Just come out of your zones and have the yummy bites of farm fresh vegetables, fish and creamy ice creams. Many of the bars and pubs are there as well to give you a memorable experience of world class wines and drinks.

iii- Come Across with Enriched Aboriginal Culture: A unique thing to experience in Australia is the distinctive culture of Aboriginal people. Get ready to enjoy a pop of colours of true culture and history in Uluru, Namadgi and Kakadu national parks, Red Center and many of the interesting Aboriginal’s gaming events and festivals.

iv- Get Your Bags Packed for True Adventures: From a flawless natural beauty and wildlife experience, Australia takes you one step further by providing enormous venturesome opportunities. The luxury lodges of Australia, Canoeing and Kayaking, surfing at beaches, Houseboating, Fishing and Diving are among the notable adventure packed experiences, that you are supposed to witness once in your life.