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With cheap flights to Baghdad, explore the beauty of Iraq with Travangelo. The famous Al Shaheed Monument that is considered as a great piece of architecture that attracts thousands of travellers around the world. The Baghdad zoo has 1.5 million visitors in 2001 and the rate increase day by day so all the animal lovers can head towards the zoo. The Shaheed monument has monuments of the martyrs and also has many historic monuments of the city.

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The Latin Church is a grand attraction for the visitors; it is the most momentous piece of architecture in Baghdad. The Arahman Mosque acts as a major attraction of the city for many tourists including the tombs and minarets. Furthermore, the National Museum of Iraq comprises of worth seeing remnants from Mesopotamian civilization. Baghdad’s top rated attraction is the Armenian Orthodox Church; It deserves a special mention in the list of most favorite and visited places of Baghdad as people love to explore this church when they visit Baghdad. Now with our cheap flights to Baghdad, you can plan a visit to Iraq’s favorite city Baghdad to experience the magnificence of Iran and explore Baghdad like never before.