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Visit Bamako

With cheap flights to Bamako, visit the capital city of Mali, Africa, located near the Niger River. The archeological anthropological museum is located in Bamako named as the National Museum of Malí that attracts tourists around the world. The beautiful Bamako Grand Mosque is a mud brick mosque which is the only mosque in Bamako. The best thing to do in this city is shopping, you can see numerous marketplaces where you can find goods of your choice and can roam about the whole day there with your family.

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Things to do in Bamako

Cheap flights to Bamako

You can find local cinemas if you are a movie lover, then you can spend a day at movies. The Bamako city centre market is another market for you to visit, where you can find almost everything of your need. You can see the Zoo National du Mali that is a small zoo but a good maintained one. The Bamako Artisan Market is another good option for shopping lovers, don’t be afraid to bargain if you visit this market! A holiday to an unexplored city is a must in your travel list; there are a few attractions in the city so make sure you don’t miss out any of them. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Bamako, you can easily book your tickets and plan a holiday at Bamako, so hurry up!